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This blog has moved. Hope to see you there.


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Under constructions

This blog is getting a makeover.

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My little boys

Just a few pictures of the boys. Both boys are growing like little weeds. I think Greg is trying to catch up with Nikolas.

This is what Greg’s face looks like 95% of the time. He is the happiest baby.

See ya next week.

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I really goofed on this towel. I think I will blame it on the fact I haven’t felt well this week and wasn’t paying attention. The sunflower is too big for the towel therefore it took up the WHOLE towel. I didn’t care so did a quick fix with more sunflowers.

I know I’m showing a lot of towels but I’m working hard on my cottage blocks and I can’t show those just yet. Maybe this weekend I can get some quilting on another project. Now all of the cottages are going together very well, so far. However, I am not taking any chances on these cottages and I want to get them ready.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Another blue kitchen towel with a little something added to it.

Happy quilting!

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Upside Down Sunshine Cake

Upside Down Sunshine Cake is too yummy! This is another recipe from Megan’s Munchies.

Happy baking!

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Mini Booty Swap arrival

My swap package arrived yesterday filled with goodies from Kate in Australia.

The tea towel is just lovely with the tiny embroidery stitches and the mini quilt speaks for it self, beautiful. I just love the cherries. I also got a little quilt hanger. Plus 2 chocolate bars and no matter where the chocolate is from, little boys knows what chocolate is. This is the only picture of the chocolate. 😉

Thank you so much, Kate.

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Tea towel

When we moved into our apt Mom sent me 2 plain blue kitchen towels. I thought they would look much better applique’d. I haven’t decided what to put on the other one. Flowers? Patriotic? Food? I’ll show you once I decide. Oh the flipflop pattern I used is a Pat Sloan free pattern.

Happy quilting!

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My friend

Betsy showed us her friend recently. Betsy’s friend is very straight. My friend on the other hand is a little crooked. I have a friend that looks like Betsy’s but I find my crooked friend is much easier to use.  This is actually the second friend I’ve had that looks like this, the first one I lost in the move to NM. Now I don’t recommend surgery as they are used to remove sutures so you can get a pair of these but the next time you are at the dr, ask the nurse if they have a pair you can have. They are disposable after all and if you purchase a pair at the drug store it will cost you approximately $15, free is so much better.

Happy quilting!

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