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I ordered two grab bags from Pat Sloan, one in red and one in pink. I can’t wait for them to get here. I have no idea what I will do with these cuts of fabric, I just wanted them. I do intend to use some of the pinks for Quilt Pink blocks.

I have a few things on my list of things I want to do today. I want to work on the framing of the ducks and make the chocolate and pink purse.

I couldn’t stand it any longer so yesterday I opened the cross-stitch kit for Animals on Parade. I guess I gave myself a treat for being half finished with the butterfly pillowcase. Animals on Parade is going to be sew cute! When finished this piece will hang in my eat-in kitchen. I have a blank space on the wall saved for it! How’s that for motivation??

Hope everyone has a great quilt-y day!!

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Friends quilt

Today I got all the borders sewn on. I’m so excited and tired. I’ll take photos later. Gosh! After I rest a while I might just might have time to start another project. WOOHOO!!!!

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! The past week was pretty good. Of course, as always I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I had wanted to.

Crooked Log Cabin Ducky Quilt – Worked on the ducky blocks until I ran out of the fabric I’m using for the framing. I did pick up some more Saturday at the LQS. When I get all the ducky’s framed I will post photos.

Sweet Baby Jane – This quilt is going to be gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. lol Last week I got the center cut and sewed together. I did make the decision to buy another jelly roll of the Sweet Baby Jane fabric. I will cut the strips into various lenths to use as borders. Wish it was on my list of things to do today.

Piecing the Trail to Kansas – My pattern didn’t come in but the owner of the LQS thought it would be here Tuesday. Although I was disappointed, if I get it this week I still have plenty of time to make the first block before Oct’s class.

Chocolate & Pink Purse #1 – got the purse all cut out yesterday. I probably won’t get to start sewing it until tomorrow. With all I have to do tomorrow it could even be Wednesday. Don’t you just hate it when life gets in the way of quilting?

Friends Quilt – I’m ashamed of myself where this quilt is concerned. The quilt is going to be beautiful with all the blocks that my friends gave me. So what is my problem with cutting the borders and sewing them on? If I don’t do anything else today, I’m putting the borders on the quilt. While at my LQS Saturday I asked about having the quilt quilted, I am just not equiped to machine quilt a queen size quilt. Having never paid anyone to quilt a quilt for me I was a little surprised to learn it would cost $150. The owner told me that she would do it all over meandering but I told her I didn’t want that, I want it quilted in the ditch. I didn’t think she acted like she was very happy with my saying that. So now I’m really undecided.

These are the goodies that I purchased Saturday at my LQS. The Breast Cancer fat quarters I am sending to my cousin who is a quilter and a breast cancer survivor. The halloween fat quarters are for a swap. Oh my goodness!! There were so many cute fabrics for halloween. The yellow fabric is what I’m using to frame the ducky blocks.

This is the free fat quarter I got coming into the shop on Saturday.

The chocolate and pink fabric is so yummy! I think I’m going to have to buy some of all of it and make a quilt. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to be covered in chocolate and pink?

Have a wonderful quilt-y day!

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Friday Quilt Five

1. Do you find times where you just don’t feel “into quilting”? Yes, I sure do.
2. Is there a season that you tend to be more quilty? Not really.
3. How do you pull yourself out of a funk? Differnet ways. New fabric, new pattern, magazine, admiring a quilt photo from a friend
4. Do you find that quilting is good therapy when you are down? Yes, I do.
5. Are there times when quilting is a wee bit consuming in your life? WHAT!!!!! You mean I’m not suppose to want/think quilting 24/7?

Happy quilting!!

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Jelly Roll Part 2

Worked on the jelly roll quilt yesterday. I’m sure there is a name for the way I’m doing this quilt but I don’t know what it is. I’m very upset with myself for not accomplishing more on this quilt top than I did yesterday. I will definitely be picking up another jelly roll of the Sweet Baby Jane tomorrow to use for borders. The colors are so perky. I had the half of the top I did complete laid over a chair yesterday when my darling husband got home, but it caught his eye. He said “Those are sure tiny squares but the colors are very nice.” That was a real compliment from him.

OK, it is 8:15 am MST and I’m still playing on the internet and drinking coffee. Must get to my sewing machine.

Have a quilt-y day!!

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Jelly Roll

I took the Sweet Baby Jane jelly roll apart yesterday morning. I love the feel of good quality cotton. Sewed the strips into sets of 10, so that gave me 4 different ones. Today I will cut the sets into 2 1/2″ strips. Hope to get those layed out into a pattern that I like and sewed together. I haven’t decided if I will buy another jelly roll, cut the strips into lengths of 22″ and sew them around for the borders. Decisions, decisions. I will decide after I get the center done.

I’m off to start cutting and laying out the strips. Have a great quilt-y day!!

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oops, I figured wrong

I knew it was going to be close yesterday when I was cutting the strips to frame the duck blocks. Oh my! I ran out with only 2 sides left to 7 blocks. I won’t be albe to get to the quilt shop until Saturday as they are closed by the time DH gets home from work.

I had plans to go to the quilt shop Saturday anyway. My pattern of Piecing the road to Kansas will be there and I want to pick it up and decide on a color theme. Plus they are having a pink party (everything pink is 10% off and they are making pink blocks for Susan G Komen cancer center).

I’m not sure if I will accomplish much today, didn’t get up until 10 am MT. I’m hoping I will get my borders cut for my Friends Quilt. Having priced bedspreads for a queen size bed this past weekend motivated me to get the quilt finished. The prices for bedspreads are outrageous and the colors were all blah. I will be much happier with a quilt that I made.

I’ve decided to use the jelly roll fabrics for the center of a Lasagna quilt. So I need to cut the strips into different lengths.

Have a quilt-y day!!

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Happy Monday

Got some sewing done Sunday until Hubbykins decided he wanted to go to KMart. I’m cross-stitching a pillowcase for Lacy, it will be part of her Christmas.

Got my Farmer’s Market blocks finished. I think they are so cute and I can’t wait for the next block.
July block was Jammy Jars. I labled one of my jars, Rock Candy. I thought that would make it more interesting.

August block was Tomotoe on a vine. The letters were a booger to applique’ around.

Sept block was Blue Ribbon pies, one cherry and one chocolate. What fun!!

I’m cross-stitching a pillowcase for my daughter for one of her Christmas presents. I changed the colors because I didn’t care for all that yellow and gold.

1. Pull some pink threads for the butterflies I’m cross-stitching. Done
2. Put ribbon and bows on jam jars. Done
3. Label jars Done
4. Finish tomatoe vine block Done
5. Finish pie block Done
6. Make a few more tags
7. Work on Duck blocks
8. Buy Piecing the Trail to Kansas pattern (ordered)
9. Make first block from Piecing the Trail to Kansas

Must get busy. I want to cut the strips to frame the ducky blocks and get them sewed on today. Then I can’t do anymore to those until I pick up some tilting fabric.

Have a quilt-y day!!

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Accomplished goals are in red.

1. Continue cross-stitching pillowcase at night. Must use my time wisely, TV + cross-stitch= 😀
2. Check out quilt shop in Lovington.
3. Pull fabric for a quilted I.D. tag
4. Applique August block
5. Applique’ September block
6. Cut ducky blocks into crooked cabinet blocks.

Not to bad but I wish I had got to all my goals. Here is the updated list.

Have some errands to run this morning but I hope to be home by lunch or there abouts, I want to get back to sewing.
1. Pull some pink threads for the butterflies I’m cross-stitching.
2. Put ribbon and bows on jam jars.
3. Label jars
4. Finish tomatoe vine block
5. Finish pie block
6. Make a few more tags
7. Work on Duck blocks
8. Buy Piecing the Trail to Kansas pattern
9. Make first block from Piecing the Trail to Kansas

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Quilted Tag

I needed a quicky something to give to someone so I made a tag from Pat Sloan’s book Learn to bead. What fun!! Can’t wait to make some more of these. http://www.quiltershome.com/
Need to get busy on my Farmer’s Market blocks.

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