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Feathers are done

Today I appli-quilted the feathers and most of the turkey. WOOHOO!! Tomorrow the walking foot comes off and the darning foot goes on. The rest of the wall hanging will be free motioned quilted. I’m hoping to get most of it done. It would be great to get the whole thing quilted so I could get it in the mail.

Happy quilting!!

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I’m done fussing with the feathers on the turkey, tomorrow I’m taking my scissors to them and then they will be my feathers done my way. May make some other changes too.

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Gear got stuck

Pulled the fabric for the November banner, sewed the background together. Made the applique’ pieces for the turkey and that is where my problems started. I’ve checked and re-checked and something is wrong with my turkey’s tail feathers. I’ve checked the finished feathers against the pattern and I re-measured my background but they just don’t fit together the way they are suppose to. No problem, I will lay them out this morning baste together and put them on the background. Wish me luck as I don’t like the reverse stitch.

Happy quilting!!

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Changing gears

A cold front moved in yesterday and today is very very cold for New Mexico. Oh poor me!! I will have to stay home today and quilt. hehe However, I recently purchased the book Easy Seasonal Banners by Pat Sloan. No time to get the October banner made so I will be making the November banner today times 2. One for me and for my daughter. I intend to do the appli-quilt method to make it go faster.

Happy quilting!!

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Rubber Ducky III

Only took 1 pic of the yellow ducks, there are actually 10.

The stripes are actually purple.

Based on The Misfit Toys


Based on The Ugly Duckling

This photo is before I started filling in with the navy. I still have to tweak the rows so they are the same length and I need navy sashing in between the rows.

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Still here

I’m so far behind I will never get finished before Christmas. *sigh* I haven’t done any quilting in a week. I have made an infant pillow, 2 pillowcases and 3 baby neck pillows. I’m quilting tomorrow if I don’t get anything else done. Not quilting makes for an un-happy quilter. Here’s hoping I will have some quilt-y photos tomorrow.

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Rubber Ducky II

The little duckys are still laying in the living room floor. However, they have had a few changes made to them using navy fabric. Finally, the blocks are ready to be sewn into rows, which will happen in the morning. Of course, they will go back into the floor for viewing before deciding on the next step. This quilt has to be perfect since it is for a perfect baby boy. Maybe I will have pics tomorrow.

Happy quilting!!

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Rubber Ducky

Finished framing the little ducks in the yellow and got the navy done also. Decisions decisions. All 20 little ducks are laying in my living room floor while I’m deciding if I want to continue and make them into crooked log cabin or if I want to do something different. Sometimes it is hard being an artist but oh so fun!!

I also got my Oct block fused down with my fussy cut corn. I think I will like that block also.

Probably won’t get any quilting done tomorrow as I have to go to Midland which is about an hour drive each way. Boring appt that will probably last about 2 hrs. However I will be back in Texas temporarily.

Hope everyone has lots of quilt-y fun this week.

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Daffodil was a dilly

Yesterday I worked on my Quilt Pink blocks. Got those all done, in the envelope and ready for the post office tomorrow. Then I worked on a paper pieced daffodil block. Oh my goodness, all those tiny pieces. It took me all afternoon as I kept making mistakes. I’m not giving up on paper piecing as it is too much fun. Paper piecing will come easier to me once I take the class at the end of the month. Today is rubber ducky day! Happy quilting!!

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Gift bags become project bags

All gift bags I bought yesterday for $1 each
And this is what I did with them.Storage is at a minimum when you live in an apt and I had to get my projects organized. I got the idea from designer Pat Sloan. She uses gift bags for everything including scrap bags next to her machine. I ran out of bags so I need to pick up a couple more. Each bag has everything in it that goes with that project.
Tuesday I got Pat Sloan’s newletter which had the BOM block for October. Sweet corn. So Wednesday I’m walking around Hobby Lobby and what do I see. Yep, this fabric. So I guess I’m cheating on Oct’s block. I’m going to cut out the corn and fuse it and my block will be done. Now to pick my background fabric.

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