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Playing catch up

This is side one of a bag that I am emblishing for a friend. My friend loves purple and bunnies.
Today I will put the lining in this bag and it will be all done. The bunny’s tail is a yoyo.
This tiny bag is for the friend’s granddaughter. I’m not sure what color lining I will use for this bag.
I’m totally addicted to making yoyo’s. I want the small yoyo maker and the heart shaped yoyo maker. I’m having way too much fun emblishing the tote bags.
I will be making this tote bag for another friend who loves halloween. Remember the halloween yoyo’s? I hope the halloween yoyo’s look as cute on the green tote as I think I will.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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These are some yo-yos I made yesterday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them but I have a few ideas. I have 4 more fat qtrs of this fabric.

Here is my Oct Farmers Market block. I found the corn fabric so I fussy cut it.

I love the background fabric I used in this block. I still have a little of it left, it won’t spoil. This was a fun block!!

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Chocolate & raspberry bag

First mistake I made with this bag was using a very stiff interfacing with leather. My machine does not have problems sewing through thick layers but today I swear my machine said “give me a break.” Had one seam to go and I noticed excess fabric on one side. The leather had slipped and did not get caught in the seam. grrrrrrr It sure is hard to see brown thread on brown leather while doing the reverse stitch. I get the morning sun in the living room so I will finish ripping stitches in the morning.

I did get my corn farmer market block stitched and the yo-yo’s for the posey block made. Hopefully will finish appliquing the posey block tomorrow. I need to get caught up on the farmer blocks so I can get back to the Ducky quilt. Gotta have this finished before Christmas.

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New name

I got the new bag cut out this morning. I do think I overdid with my activities too soon after my procedure so this afternoon I have laid around and watched TV and looked and quilt books.

Did anyone see the Divide and Conquer Method on Simply Quilts this week? The Divide and Conquer: Quilt it Your Way is by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. I would love to find this book. Looks like an easy way to quilt for those of us that don’t have a great setup.

I didn’t want a brown and burgundy purse so while cutting it out this morning it came to me. Chocolate and raspberrys. lol I think I’ve had to much pain medication lately.

Maybe I’ll try to do a little sewing on the bag.

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Chocolate & Pink bag

This is the chocolate and pink bag I made. Completely machine washable. YAY! Yes, the seams are on the outside. I trimmed the seams a little more after I took the pictures. I wanted the seams to look a little neater.

I cut a piece of carboard to fit in the bottom of the bag and made a sleeve to put it in. I didn’t think the craft stablizer was strong enough for a bottom.

This the fabric I will use for the next bag. The leather is a brownish burgundy. I think this bag is going to be very pretty. I purchased a pinking blade for my rotary cutter which will be much easier than using pinking shears.

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November Banner

The November banner is finished. I will be mailing it to my daughter tomorrow. My plan is go ahead and start on the December banner. Hopefully, I will have it finished before December.

This is a close-up of the quilting around the turkey. I thought it came out pretty good for a newbie free-motion quilter.

This is the quilting on the back. I was pleased that my stitches didn’t have any loops.

Tomorrow I think I will make one of the chocolate and pink purses. I’m not sure what I will work on Wednesday. Maybe I need to look in my project bags and see what strikes my fancy.

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November wallhanging quilted

IT’S DONE!!! Well, it’s done except for the binding and I will do that in the morning. I’m sew excited. The quilting isn’t perfect but I think I did a very good job for the first time free-motion quilting. Pat’s book was a great help. My shoulders got really tired so I had to take lots of little breaks. I will take pics tomorrow once the binding is done. I can’t wait to have my little procedure next Thursday so I can see if it works and I can get back to quilting full time. Wish me luck!!

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Happy halloween says the turkey

Finished the turkey and got the center strip quilted. Now since I’m very very new at free motion quilting, I’m very slow and have to take lots of rest breaks. My shoulders start hurting after about 15 minutes. Unfortunately I won’t get to work on the banner tomorrow as I’m going to see a specialist and it is a 4 hr round trip.

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