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Happy Monday

Goals for last week (not good)
1. Quilt Ducky quilt. Done
2. Clean machine Done
3. Find more blocks for Christmas quilt
4. Start blanket stitching Christmas quilt
5. Print templates at Quilter’s Home Done

I guess you can’t have everything. Yesterday I did get the ribbons off the ribbon purse and soon it will have a new name and a new look using yoyo’s and ribbon. I’m still plugging along on the cookie monster bag. It will be finished before Nikolas gets here, not that I think he will care.

For the next 2 wks I won’t get much quilting/sewing done as my kids will be here from KY. I can hardly wait.

Goals for this week
1. Finish cookie monster bag
2. Finish bag
3. Take pic of Dec Strolling the Block
4. Do Jan Strolling the Block

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  1. Joanna says:

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for your comment! I did make up the initial and it’s super easy. I have been asked to write up instructions on it for an online magazine for next year so I’ll let you know more closer to the time, and there will be detailed instructions and pictures, but if you want to do one now, all I did was to freehand draw a letter – you could always find a font you like on the computer and make it really really big, then I cut it out, needleturned it onto a background – but you could machine applique or use fusible web or blanket stitch, whatever you like, then quilted it. I don’t bind them since they just go in frames, then you just cut it to size and put it in the frame. It’s as easy as that! I think they make great gifts and don’t take too long to make. Have fun and if you make one, I’d love to see a picture!

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