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Busy me

This is a busy week for me as I am getting ready to go to KY to see my kids. However, I am trying to squeeze in some sewing.

Make lining for red yo-yo bag, I’m thinking hearts.
Finish Nikolas’s pillowcase with his name on it.
Feb. Strolling the Block

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Happy Monday

Worked on a denim bag today. Put red yo-yo’s on it and hopefully tomorrow I will get the lining put in.
^^ January block for Strolling the Block. I thought it turned out pretty cute. I’ve started February’s block.

Made 2 jungle pillowcases last week, I’m just a little slow taking pics lately.

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Reverse stitch

Today I re-worked the two sided fabric bag I had made. I just didn’t like the bottom of the bag. Then I made a smaller bag out of the same fabric but I ran out of fabric before I got the strap made. I can’t decide if I want to make a solid black strap or get more fabric.

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Started the day off making 2 jungle pillowcases, one for Nikolas and one for his friend Jesse. Appli-quilted Jan’s block, started Feb’s block and did the free motion quilting on Dec and Jan’s block. Yay me. Pics tomorrow.

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Sew Sew Sewing

My grandson will be 1 in a couple of weeks so I made him a birthday cake pillowcase.
This is a wallhanging for my grandson’s playmate.

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simple and random acts of kindness….

…..especially when one is sick or just kinda in a “funk”….Ms. Toni from http://thequiltingpirate.blogspot.com/ honored me with a little badge that seriously made me smile:

I in turn would love to past it on to a few of my favorite reads:
and basically anyone on my blog roll call on the right side —>> I love reading everyone’s blog!

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Yesterday using the black double sided fabric I made a bag that is too large for a purse. I still have lots of that fabric left so I’m thinking I will make a bag that is purse size and I will have enough for a make-up bag.

I also made 6 pillowcases for my grandson and 6 for his little playmate.

No photos today. I will get that done today.

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The following fabric will be used for pillowcases for my grandson and his little playmate.
On the blue fabric I’m going to applique’ the child’s name on the pillowcase.
I loved this bear fabric. Nikolas carries his bear with him everywhere, so this fabric was appropriate.
I chose the jungle fabric for Jesse, he loves giraffes. I tried hard to find fabric that just had giraffes. I think I’m going to have to search the internet for that.
The fabric above and below is two-sided fabric that I will use to make reversible bags.

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Sewing News

Finished Lacy’s bag yesterday, I do have photos but I haven’t uploaded them yet.

I have Jan and Feb blocks fused for Strolling the Block. The quilting group is in the morning but I’m not sure I’m going. I really want to go but I haven’t felt well today. Jan and Feb block’s are going to be just as great as Dec’s is. lol Nothing like tooting your own horn. I still havn’t figured out a way to get the trim on the house for the Dec’s block.

Pat Sloan sent out her newletter with the Jan block for Farmer’s Market. I couldn’t print the pattern because I ran out of ink, I will pick another cartridge up tomorrow or the next day. Of course, I’m anxious to do the block.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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