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The list continues to grow but I’m having loads of fun. While at the LQS I purchased the book Sleepy Acres by Amy Bradley Designs. I haven’t started this quilt and I won’t for a while, I must finish Jon’s before I start another quilt for Nikolas.

I also purchased a circular sewing attachment. Dee Ann gave me a quick demo and I can’t wait to quilt something using this attachment.

The attachment didn’t cost quite as much as a walking foot and I’m hoping it will add some quilting interest to my quilts, since I seem to be freemotion quilting challeneged.

I also joined a challenge on a machine applique’ group I belong to and a swap all on the same day. lol I’m looking forward to both.

The group owner kept reading about all the quilts being made and give to others so she challenged us to make something for ourself. The rules were simple, background must be birthstone color, no bigger than a fat qtr, must have birth month flower on it and be finished by June 30, ’08. I purchased Batiks. Do you know how hard it is to cut Batiks? My birthstone is blue sapphire and the flower is an Aster. When I saw the flower I started to worry. lol After finding a coloring page of an Aster, I took it to Staples and had it blown up and while I was tracing the flower on fusible I figured out how to make the flower without it taking me years.

Miniature Booty Swap
1. 100% quality cotton – prewash is recommended
2. No larger than 20″ x 20″ — 51 cm x 51 cm
3. Completely finished, quilted, binding and label with month/year/name

After signing up for this swap, I grabbed my little quilts book and started drooling. I can’t wait to get the details of my person so I can get started. This quilt must be finished and in the mail by May 31st.

Recap from last week
Waiting on St. Nick – sew buttons on done
Sweet Baby Jane – layer, quilt done
Sunflowers Forever – applique’, layer, quilt
tea towel – finish started 2 more
Baby quilt # 2 – put binding on
My Friend,Mary Lou – appli-quilt done
Java Jive – wash fabric, iron

This week
tea towels – finish 2 that are started, prep 2 more
Ribbit – trace frogs, fuse, applique’
Birth – applique’ aster, embroder words, quilt
Booty swap – find pattern, purchase fabrics (if needed)

Hope everyone has a quilty week!

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It’s Official!

Miniature Booty Swap
The hostess, The Quilting Pirate thought of something piratey to name the swap — But don’t let her name scare you – she is all talk and don’t steal or lie – most days

She’s taken a few guidelines from various swaps and things she has done in the past and put them here for you to use. Again, she has been doing online quilt swapping for over 10 years now, and most of those swaps were “centralized” – meaning she had all items mailed to her and she sorted them all and sent back out. This is a one on one swap – so the job for her is a lot easier!

Here’s basically what will happen….you sign up, she send you a partner name, you make a complete little quilt, you mail it out, you receive a little quilt in the mail and all done….easy! This is a great way to dig through your stash and use some of it up!

This doesn’t have to be a secretive swap, but if you prefer not to “find out” who your partner is, just let her know in the questionnaire.

Guidelines are very basic and simple – please read them.
For the swapper:
1. Only 40 swappers
2. International swappers are welcome
3. Must have a blog – must be updated often
4. Fill out form completely and email to quiltinghands at yahoo dot com

For the Quilt:
1. 100% quality cotton – prewash is recommended
2. No larger than 20″ x 20″ — 51 cm x 51 cm
3. Completely finished, quilted, binding and label with month/year/name

1. To sign up – April 1st or reach 40 swappers, which ever is first
2. To receive swap partners – April 3rd
3. To mail out your booty/quilts – Internationally Partners: May 23rd, 2008, USA Partners: May 31st, 2008

Only a few spots left, so hurry on over to: http://miniaturebootyswap.wordpress.com/

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Wednesday afternoon after sewing with the ladies I ran by Hobby Lobby and found some great green fabric for Jon’s frog quilt. I found a mosquito in a coloring book wearing a baseball cap so I think that needs to be on his quilt also.

This will be the left half of the quilt.

This is the right half of the quilt. The greenish tan blocks I think will be where I put the frogs, I think. On the other blocks I will put the lilly pads. I’m not sure exactly where the dragon flies.

The kewl mosquito, fused but still needs to be applique’d.

Of course, I will need to lengthen the quilt and I’m not sure how I will do that yet. I’m hoping to put the word “ribbet.” I’m not sure if that is how you spell it either.

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My Friend, Mary Lou

I still need to sew the buttons on and the rings to hang it. You can see all my mistakes in the quilting on the back but I love it.

Happy quilting!

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Great Monday

Shopping. Driving. Haircut. Mexican food. Spending the day with Hubbykins Priceless

Sitting down in bubblegum. Funny (after the great day we had)

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Hope everyone had a wonderful easter. We woke up to rain, 25 mph winds and 48 degrees, which made it very chilly in NM.

We had a quiet day with DH watching TV and me reading 2 new knitting books and teaching myself to cast on and do the knit stitch. I’ve ripped all the stitches out as I had purchased very fine yarn. I will be picking up some worsted yarn, like the book calls for. All my life I’ve wanted to know how to knit and could never find anyone to teach me, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of using the internet and teach yourself books before. Thanks to CraftyGryphon for inspiring me.

Recap from last week
Waiting on St. Nick – sew buttons on Done
Sweet Baby Jane – layer, quilt Done
Sunflowers Forever – applique’, layer, quilt fused, layered, basted
tea towel – finish
Baby quilt # 2 – put binding on
My Friend,Mary Lou – appli-quilt Done
Java Jive – wash fabric, iron
tea towels – 2 more fused Done

This week
Java Jive – wash fabric, iron, cut blocks, trace coffee cups, fuse, purchase coffee fabric
Sunflowers Forever- appli-quilt, binding
tea towels – applique’, purchase more tea towels
knitting – learn
Pretty ‘n Pink – complete flying geese block

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Artful Hands, Part II

Went to the quilt group for the second time. These are some of the nicest talented ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of quilting with.

Yesterday I took my wallhanging My Friend, Mary Lou to work on. I got the dog and the leaves blanket stitched. Today I finished appli-quilting the rest of the wall hanging and started doing the filler quilting. I can’t wait to get it finished and on the wall.

I’m trying to come up with a pattern for a quilt for Jon. I’m thinking frogs but I’m open for suggestions.

Happy quilting!

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Go me!!

Quilting one hour at a time I got all of Sweet Baby Jane quilted. Granted I did minimal quilting and nothing fancy but it is still done.

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I’m very pleased with the quilt-y things I accomplished yesterday. I got the buttons on Waiting on St. Nick, finished the tea towel, layered and basted Sweet Baby Jane and layered and basted Sunflowers Forever. I will be happy if I get 1/4 of Sweet Baby Jane quilted today. No way am I going to try to quilt all of it in one day. I don’t even know how I’m going to quilt it nor do I know if my walking foot will fit my new machine.

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Recap from last week
Mon – put binding on 1 baby quilts, Dolly Madison Star (came out 16 1/2″ x 16″, so I get to do it over)
Tues – cut fabric for My Friend, Mary Lou, finish Farmer’s Market BOM, finish Waiting on St. Nick
Wed – Artful Hands (work on My Friend, Mary Lou) too sick
Thurs – continue working on My Friend, Mary Lou
Fri – tea towels using the Be Attitude book (towel cut in half, hemmed, pieces fused & half the letters have blanket stitch) Does that count?

I have lots of little projects planned for this week.

This week
Waiting on St. Nick – sew buttons on
Sweet Baby Jane – layer, quilt
Sunflowers Forever – applique’, layer, quilt
tea towel – finish
Baby quilt # 2 – put binding on
My Friend,Mary Lou – appli-quilt
Java Jive – wash fabric, iron

Yes, I added a two new wall hanging.

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