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GranGran’s Handprints

I searched for about 2 weeks for something to do on the plane. Flight is 4 hrs with a 2 hr layover in Dallas. Said project needed to be easily folded into my already bulging purse. My carryon bag will be a bag with the Ducky quilt in it.

I found this pattern in Better Homes and Gardens teach yourself to hand-applique’. They did the project in wool but I’m not into wool. So I will blanket stitch by hand. I am thinking about using floss instead of silk thread. The pattern was actually called Grandmother’s Handprints but since I’m GranGran so will my project be.

Not sure if you can see the black line that I drew on the background. That is where a navy border is suppose to be sewn on. I’m looking for some trim with hands on it. Finished piece is 24″ x 28″.

Happy quilting

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Block #4

Block #4 which is actually 2 blocks of a basket. These 2 blocks took me 3 hrs to make and made me say a dirty twice. I was so frustrated. I offered to pay Sharon to make my blocks and she laughed. 😉 I still needto sew the sashings to the block but I’m so sick of this block that I may just leave it laying on my sewing table until I get home from KY.

Cindi showed me how to make ruching roses. B-O-R-I-N-G These are beautiful, hopefully someday I can find the patience to make some.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Because We Are Special Too

Closeup quilting

Closeup stitching on flowers

Happy quilting!

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More bags

Finished a bag for myself. 😀 Yes, I know I am addicted. I can’t help myself.

Side 1 of bag

Side 2 of bag. The end flowers are dark purple and the middle flower is pale pink.

Wanted a cute way to close the bag. I thought this worked nicely.

Inside of bag. I love this fabric.

A backpack for Nikolas. Little boys need a bag to put their things in.

I did get the fabric cut for side 1 of the reversible quilt. That is a lot of cutting. I’ll be glad to get the cutting behind me.

Have a quilt-y day!

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Hug a Veteran

Today is for remembering our veterans and I saluate them all for fighting for my freedom. However, I would like to introduce you to a veteran that is very dear to me. Meet my son-in-law.

Dress blues

Flag detail

Thanks Jon!

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Weekly goals & some other stuff

Friday afternoon I went to a local quilt show. Very nice quilts. I was disappointed that they wouldn’t let you take photos but they did give you gloves so you could touch the quilts. One of the vendors had a great sale (patterns 50% off and fat qtrs for $1 if you bought 20). Of course I did my part to help the economy.

Having walked to much at the quilt show I came home and read Pat Sloan’s book Take the Fear Out of Color. I need to insert a warning at this time.

WARNING: Do not read Pat’s book if you do not want to get organized because this book is loaded with ways to organize your fabrics and fantastic patterns. 😉

See what Pat’s book made me do and I’m so happy.

From this to this

Yes, that is only one bin. HEY they didn’t build Rome in a day. 😀

Last week’s goals

  • We Are Special – finish last 2 leaves, layer and quilt
  • frog – make more blocks for length
  • Strolling the Block – finish Feb, do Mar, Apr and May block

This week’s goals

  • Cut fabric for side 1 of reversible quilt
  • Cut fabric for side 2 of reversible quilt
  • Pretty ‘n’ Pink- Block #4
  • Backpack for Nikolas

Hope you have a quilt-y week!!

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Tea towels

May and June tea towels

 Yes, my son-in-law wears glasses and he shaves his head. The grandson is just slow getting hair. 😉

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Yesterday I freemotion quilted my first quilt. Now granted it was a small quilt not quite the size of a fat quarter but you have to start somewhere. Hopefully today I will get the binding sewn on, I do have the binding pinned on. I love freemotion quilting! I still need lots of practice as I quilt to heavily.

Then the doorbell rang. I have the best family. 😀


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Here it comes

Only having lived in NM for 10 mths I can’t always tell the difference between smoke and sand storms. 😦  Yesterday DH was with me and annouced “Here it comes” and I grabbed my camera.

 It sure did! And the wind was only blowing 40 mph yesterday.

Yesterday was the monthly meeting for my quilting group. We took care of the business part first and then moved on to the fun. First item of fun was taking everyone’s photo, printing it out and then drawing a photo. They are making blocks for a quilt to be given away at the Christmas party. They are using the book A quilter’s Yearbook. Since DH’s job will be moving us sometime in Aug or Sept I did not participate. Then we had Show & Tell which is always so much fun and such great eye candy. Plus it is a great way to get new ideas.

Today I am layering and (hopefully) quilting my Because We are Special Too.

Happy quilting!

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Wonderful Wednesday

I don’t have any new photos to show this week so I thought I would show you the very first quilt I ever made. It’s crooked, seams don’t line up but I was still proud of it. This quilt is what got me hooked on quilting.

Yesterday was another good sewing day. I worked on the Ribbit quilt and started another Charm Party tote. Of course, I’m doing a smaller version so I can use it as a purse. Yes, I’m addicted to these bags. I hope there isn’t a 12 step program to cure this. 😀

Happy quilting!

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