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What a day!

Yesterday was my sewing group. We were all on a roll finishing up the project we were working on when we heard the sirens. Another lady that works in the building came by and told us a tornado had touched down west of town. I called my DH and he had saw the tornado but it was a good way from him. Just as I got off the phone with him one of the other lady’s cell rang and it was her husband telling her to come home that 2 more tornados had been spotted. I’m sure you can imagine how fast we got our things together and was out the door. The sirens screamed my entire way home. In all we had 2 tornados touch down, the one west of town and another north of us. It didn’t even sprinkle at my house. Strange.

After all that I think I deserve to spend the day in my sewing room.

Happy quilting


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  1. Oh, my goodness! I’m glad they weren’t closer to you!! I don’t remember the tornadoes from Kansas when I was little, really (other than we all got to play together under the stairs of our apartment buildings), but I know, looking back, that I should’ve been pretty scared.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there aren’t any more anywhere near you this year!

    I can do without that kind of excitement.

  2. (Psst, I just tagged you for a meme on my blog. No pressure; you deserve a day in your sewing room, so if you’re busy, no worries!)

    psst, I’ll go have a look right now

  3. susan says:

    how scary. i hate when the sirens go off. thankfully, we havent had any scares yet this year, but the weather sure has been weird. nikolas is adorable and i love the pic of him and popa. what is he looking at? a bug??

    It was scary plus the tornado interrupted my sewing group. How rude! 😀 Nikolas is the apple of our eye. He was looking at the ducks.

  4. lindabee says:

    Glad you’re OK. What’s with all the nasty weather this year? I’ve been tagged. Will post today.

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