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Happy Monday

Last week wasn’t very productive. 😦 I was busy looking for DH’s next job. DH works construction and the job he was working came to an end. I’m really sad to be moving on as I have made some wonderful quilting buddies. Anywho, I’m headed for my sewing corner as I feel the need to do something fun.

Last week’s goals

  • Cut fabric for side 2 of reversible quilt
  • Pretty ‘n’ Pink-block #11
  • July tea towel
  • Pink bag for DD

This week’s goals

  • Pretty ‘n’ Pink-block #11
  • July tea towel
  • Miniature Booty Swap II
  • Quilt as You Go, Reversible Quilt (need lots more blocks)

Have a wonderful quilt-y week!!


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Handmade by Mom

Finished the little bag for DD yesterday. It is little and pink so she should like it. I’m thinking I need to learn to make nice buttonholes so I can make closures for the bags I make.

Side 1 Side 2

I would like to figure out a way to make the top fold over when closed.

Happy quilting!

4 squares done, 40 to go

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Great quilting day

My quilting buddy Sharon had took the class Quilt as You Go, Reverible Quilt. So yesterday she helped me get started and loaned me her book by Sharon Pederson until I can get one. I only got 3 blocks done but I was alright with that because we talked, laughed, looked at each other’s projects and had a great time. I don’t like the black fabric next to the roses so I won’t be doing that again.

   3 done, 41 to go 😀

Have a great quilting day!

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Wonderful Wednesday

This little bag is giving me fits. The next step which I have started is the reverse stitch. Yuck!

Got everything cut for side 2 of the Quilt As You Go, Reversible Quilt. Whew! That took a long time.

Have a great quilting day!

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Happy Monday

Lots going on this week some of it is just the boring stuff that life requires of us. 😉 I’m looking forward to Wednesday quilting with the ladies as I’m going to work on my quilt as you go quilt.

Last week’s goals

  • Cut fabric for side 1 of reversible quilt
  • Cut fabric for side 2 of reversible quilt
  • Pretty ‘n’ Pink- Block #4
  • Backpack for Nikolas
  • Not a bad week prior to leaving for KY.

    This week’s goals

    • Cut fabric for side 2 of reversible quilt
    • Pretty ‘n’ Pink-block #11
    • July tea towel
    • Pink bag for DD

    Have a great quilt-y week!

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    Miniature Booty Swap Round 2

    WOOHOO!! Let the fun begin!

    Got the email yesterday giving us the info on Booty Swap #2. Sssh, it’s a secret. I immediately started searching for a pattern. I found a wonderful applique pattern of flowers. I need to pick up a few fat qtrs for this project. I can’t wait to get started.

    The last swap was sooooo much fun and I gained 2 new friends. I just love friends, they are better than family. Hopefully I will gain new friends this swap also.

    I will be showing little peeks but nothing big until I know my little quilt is in the new owner’s hands.

    Hope everyone has a blast with round 2.

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    Lots of quilting

    Ribet quilt top is finished! WOOHOO!!!! I think it is too cute. Now I need to get the backing and batting.

    Finished block #6 for Pretty ‘n’ Pink. I’m so loving this quilt.

    Layout so far.

    This is the layout for the Farmers Market so far. I love the free BOM that Pat Sloan does. I can’t wait for the last block.

    Happy quilting!

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    Yesterday was quilting day with the Artful Hands ladies. It was so nice to see the ladies and what they were working on. I had prepped my Farmer’s Market block for June which is peaches and I had also prepped block #6 for Pretty ‘n’ Pink. Got the peach block appliqued and I got started on block #6. I will finish block #6 today.

    Happy quilting!

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    Wonderful Wednesday

    Day after surgery. They had to put his IV in his foot because he doesn’t have good veins.

    I sat on the balcony every morning to drink my coffee and was entertained by the squirrels.

    Happy quilting!

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    Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

     It won’t be long ’til we find out
    if you’re a mister or a miss.
    And in the future if you’ll be
    a brother or a sis.
    Will you be our sweet little girl,
    — or our silly little boy?
    Either way we’ll swell with pride,
    when with the world we share our joy.
     What color will we paint your room?
    Pink or baby blue?
    Will you play with dolls or soccer balls? 
     We haven’t got a clue.
     Will we clap for you at dance recitals,
    or cheer your football game?
    Which one of these, many years from now
    will be your claim to fame?
     Will you be our son or daughter?
    You know it really doesn’t matter.
    We’ll love you just the same
    if you’re the former or the latter.
      By R.D. Millard

    Lacy is pregnant! She is at the dr as I type this. Think pink!!

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