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Weekly goals

I’m trying to work on small projects since my space is limited.

This week’s goals

  • Finish quilt for Mini Booty Swap #2
  • Towel wrap w/matching mit for Nikolas
  • Make a bag

Happy quilting!

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Miniature Booty Swap

Although I didn’t list any goals this week, my goal was to get my mini quilt made and ready to go. Well, it didn’t happen.  Seems that every time I move from one climate to another my Digenerative Disk Disease has to kick in and adjust, so needless to say I haven’t felt very well this week. However, this morning I’m feeling much better and have been a busy bee.

I had managed to fuse and cut my pieces, cut the background and sew the inner border onto the background. This morning I cut my outer border, sewed it to the background, fused my pieces to the background, cut my backing and batting and made my label. Go me!! How about some teaser pics?

Have a great weekend!

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Wonderful Wednesday

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Do you?

Today DD kept wandering in and out of the dining room where I was fusing and cutting the pieces for my Miniature Booty Swap II. Finally, DD asked “Do you always smile when you are working with fabric?”

Do you smile when working with fabric?

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Farmer’s Market

Blocks are done and the last row is added. Waiting for September to see the borders that Pat is designing. I love this quilt so much I may just have to make another one when this one is all done.

Happy quilting

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Where did it go?

Where did Wednesday go? I had lots of great plans and none of them happened. Instead I cooked, cleaned, took the grand-dog to the spa and went to the grocery store.

Today I am unpacking my machine. Already put out the word, don’t ask me to do anything.

Happy quilting!

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Brillante Premio Web log award

Betsy gave me this award. I’m so honored and just tickled to receive it. Thanks, Betsy. If you don’t read Betsy’s blog, you are missing out on lots of great quilting.

Now it is my turn. Some of my favorite sites have already received this award from someone else, so I will be choosing some of my other favorties. There are so many blogs that I love! 

Joanna talks about her 3 children, fun times and does outstanding applique’.                                    CraftyGryphon is a fun filled knitting machine.                                                                                  Julie grows the prettiest flowers and make amazing pots.                                                                 Linda talks about her family and quilting. Linda loves her family and quilting.

Two sites that are friends of mine that I love to read are Betsy and Toni

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Last trip to the LQS

Saturday I went to my LQS that I just loved and I loved the ladies that work there. They were always so pleasant and helpful. It was hard to say good by. I had a store credit that I wanted to use before we moved. The shop owner was having a wonderful sale but I was good because I knew everything I purchased I would have to pack. 😦 Used up my store credit on fat qtrs and a charm pack.


DH and I leave for TN early in the morning. Today is filled with loading the uhaul, cleaning the apt, etc etc. Hope to have my machine unpacked by the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great quilt-y week!

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Happy July 4th

As a child growing up, my brothers and I were not allowed to have fireworks as they made my dad have flashbacks as when he fought in WWII. As an adult, I have grown to love the fireworks displays. My favorite displays have been put on by the military. If you ever get a chance go watch the fireworks at a military display. Tonight we will watch the fireworks provided by the casino.

The living room and bedroom are done. Quilts are packed carefully in plastic totes to help protect them. 😉 The kitchen is half packed. I will finish it today and we will eat out of throw away dishes for the next few days. I’m trying hard to put off packing my sewing area but DH said I had to get started on that today or he would. hmmm, the man is living dangerously. 😀

Have a quilt-y day!

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Saying good-bye

Yesterday was my last time to sew with my quilting group. We had a wonderful time and it was so hard to say good-bye. I can only hope to find a group have as wonderful as these ladies. I got 4 more blocks made for my Quilt As You Go, Reversible Quilt.

Today I start packing. Yuck! I will start in the living room, then I will move on to our bedroom. I could probably pack everything in the apartment in 2 days but I have to save some quilting time. The good part of this move is I will be living in the same town as DD and her family.

Have a great quilt-y day!

Quilt As You Go 8 made 36 needed

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