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Tried 2 new bag patterns yesterday. The Lindie Bag was the first pattern I tried out. This bag is fast to make and I think turned out very cute.


The next pattern I got from Martha Stewart. Now Martha suggested you use a pillowcase to make this bag. Nope, I didn’t use a pillowcase, I used fabric.


So I’ve been staying out of trouble by sewing.

The bunny fabric arrived today and it is even cutier in person. I’ll take a photo as soon as I can get the fabric away from Nikolas.

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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…Sunbonnet Sue, that is!

JulieKQuilts started this so I took her up on it. Sunbonnet Sue was the first quilt I ever made. I have 1000s of patterns of Sue and Sam and I never grow tired of looking at them. This little lady has been around a lot of years…she still has appeal to me.

This is not only my first Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, it is the very first quilt that I made. It shows too.This is my second SBS and second quilt. 😉 I guess I didn’t realize I could applique’ other things.  Most of these blocks I got from a swap done on the Sunbonnet Sue list. All of these Sue’s are angels just like the ladies in that group.  The heart blocks and the Sunbonnet Sam were made by the ladies in the SBS group and sent to me when my dad passed away. The ladies call the hearts “healing hearts.”  See Sam and the Snowman in Nikolas’ quilt. Sam’s clothes were made from Popa’s old clothes.  Alittle panel of Sue’s that I purchased from Sunbonnet Sue. Gosh! It has been a long time since I created any Sue’s or Sam’s, maybe I need to start thinking of one for Greg. Popa just better watch his cotton shirts. 😉

NOW, it is your turn! Do you have a Sunbonnet Sue that you will share? It would be such fun to see some other ones!!! You will be entered twice in the birthday giveaway if you let me know you played along.
Happy quilting!

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Quilter turned reader…..

… only for a few days. I really got into my book The Friday Night Knitting Club on Friday and I didn’t do anything until I finished it. Then about the time I finished reading that DD brought home one of my favorite magazines Quilts and more. So today I need to get back to sewing and what a perfect day for sewing, it is raining. The 3rd quarter challenge at Quilts and more is a bag that is the larger version of the Japanese Knot bag. Woo is me! I guess I’ll have to make one of those.

Giveaways Seems that lots of bloggers do giveaways on their 100th post or something like that. I did find one blogger that did a giveaway on her birthday. What an excellant idea! So between now and Sept. 1st I will be making things to give away on my birthday. I will show the items on Sept. 1st with any details but the giveaway will not be until Sept. 13th. Nikolas will be doing the drawing. 😀

Happy quilting!

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Mini Booty II arrived

Mini Booty Swap II arrived today. WOOHOO!! Thank you so much Betsy, I love it. Betsy spoiled me.

Mini Quilt II

Closeup of beading, quilting and flower. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Back of quilt

Label I wish you could see the tiny stitches.


 Postage Charm starter kit

I’m off to read my new quilt magazine. Happy quilting!

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Blue bag, stitchery and a bright idea

I made another Japanese Knot bag. Loved the fabric, so fun!

   This was suppose to be my bag but DD snatched it also. 😉 I’m going to make a purse for myself that she would think looks like an old woman. 😀

Then I had a bright idea regarding said new bag. So I had this picture in my head and it don’t look like this.  I don’t think I like the borders on each end. I think I will take those 2 rows off.

I’ve been working on the travel trailer stitchery. It is slowly coming along. The unbleached muslin is so boring. I think I will look for something more exciting.

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Bunny fabric found

Toni found this fantastic bunny fabric. Thank you so much, Toni.

  Isn’t it perfect for Greg’s quilt.

Come on, UPS man. 😀

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Fabric and a new bag

No bunny fabric was found in our area nor can I find any on the internet. 😦 I haven’t give up but I’m also toying with the idea of taking the fabrics I used for the bunnies and carrots and piecing a back. Not really what I wanted but in a real bind it will work.

I did find this fabric which is the theme that DD is using for Greg. I will use it for the back of another quilt that I will make for Greg.

I made this little bag this morning.    Inside of bag

The tutorial for the Japanese Knot bag has real easy instructions. Of course, DD snatched this bag up before I had all the threads clipped from it. I did finally get to see if my things would fit before I make me one. Want these make great gifts for friends?

Happy quilting!

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Wonderful Wednesday

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Not bad after all

Monday might have started off wrong but it turned out fine. DD and I shopped for fabric for the borders and backing for Bunny Dreams. Unfortunately, we have not located ANY bunny or carrot fabric yet. Tomorrow we will hit the LQS downtown and Hobby Lobby. We might not have found the perfect fabric but we did stop at Borders and we found books. I purchased The Friday Night Knitting Club and an ice coffee. Yummy! 😀

I’m slowly working on the travel trailer stitchery. I don’t make pretty stitches but I’m hoping by the time I’m finished they will have greatly improved.

Have a great day!

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It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday

I thought if I keep repeating this to myself the day would get better. My day didn’t start to good. I turned my laptop on which is wireless, it finds my secure connection but it won’t connect. 😦 I tell the computer wiz S-I-L and he works on it the laptop for 30 minutes or so. I am now connected with a cable/wire something. grrrr And trust me my laptop doesn’t want to even be connected to the internet with the cable. THEN some other daily stuff happened that could have just passed me by. So I will continue with my chant and hopefully I will convince myself. 😉

After lunch DD and I are going shopping for the fabric for the border, backing and a blue bath towel. No, the towel isn’t for the quilt. I’ve been making bibs for Greg and I was thinking that if I used a towel for the back of the bib the bib would be more absorbent.

My Mini Booty Swap II package is in the mail. WOOHOO!! Now I’ll be a nervous wreck until I know it has arrived. Mailing quilts is like letting your child solo drive for the first time. 😦 Also I always worry my partner won’t like what I made.

Happy quilting!

It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday, It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday, It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday, It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday

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