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Not a good sewing day

I finished up the 2nd prize for the giveaway and started on 1st prize. Trying out a new pattern for a bag that claimed you make the bag in an hour. WOOHOO!! Now that is my kind of bag. I get all my pieces cut, press the handle and the pockets, fuse the fleece to bag pieces. Let the sewing begin. First pocket is done just as I run out of bobbin. Grab another bobbin and take off. Oh my goodness, my machine made noises that I didn’t know it could make and it would not feed the fabric through it. 😦 Got the manual out and cleaned the inside. Yes, there were dust bunnies in there but they are always hiding in there. Bad dust bunnies!! Put the machine back together and try again. Sewed 2 stitches and it messed up again. Unthread the machine and re-thread, sewed 2 more stitches and messed up again. Took the bobbin out and re-threaded, sewed 2 more stitches and messed up. Now, Quilters, we have all been there so there is no need for me to tell you what I was saying.

At this point, there isn’t much else to do except call the people I bought the machine from. It is under warranty as I have only had the machine 6 mths today. Oh my, says Brad the technician, you will have to ship it back to us. More unladylike words come from my mouth. So what’s a girl to do except go take a nap. 😀

When I got up from said nap, the son-in-law is home from work. Before I go any further let me tell you a little about this son-in-law. Jon was in the Marines (you must capitalize Marines, all other branches you don’t have to per son-in-law). While in the Marines, Jon was trained as a pararigger. Now a pararigger learns to sew a parachute and it takes 6 months to sew 1 parachute, per the son-in-law. They are also taught to freemotion embroidery. I can only dream of freemotion embroidering the way Jon does. I’m sure there are some other things the Marines taught him that he has chose not to tell me.;) Anywho, Jon questions me about the machine, and the little smarty pants goes “Did you change the bobbin?” Well, no I hadn’t done that. So the bobbin was changed and the machine immediately sewed beautifully again.

While Jon maybe my only son-in-law, he is my favorite. 😀

Happy quilting!

P.S. My son-in-law is currently in the army but is talking with a Marine recruiter about re-enlisting with the Marines. *insert proud Mother look here*



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3 Responses

  1. Interesting, I would have never thought of that!! I hope you tossed that bobbin straight into the trash!
    Neither did I. Jon examined the bad bobbin and the edges were all chewed up looking. lol DH, Jon and I were all scrambling for the bobbin to put it in the trash.

  2. orchidlover says:

    I’d have never thought of that either.
    By the way Jon is correct, as the daughter of a Royal Marine, you should always capitalise Marine. LOL

    Love and hugs Gina xxx
    I guess I’m going to have to make a checklist so when things go wrong I check every thing. I will let Jon know.

  3. betsy says:

    how sweet cindy. Sometimes we get so frustrated with our machine and miss the smallest details. I am guilty.
    I don’t know how many times I could see the problem. Usually if I walk away when I come back I can figure it out. I sure couldn’t yesterday.

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