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Had a pretty good week. I made 5 bags and I’m a little tired of making bags so yesterday I got back to what I love doing. Making quilts. One thing that motivated me to get back to making quilts was that DD sprung on me that Greg’s baby shower was Nov. 1st and she wants to use the Zoo Animal quilt as one of the decorations. HELLO I haven’t started the quilt. So Sat. I made the elephant block and I have the giraffe ready to start. KIDS!!! I don’t like him but DD does, so I guess he will stay.

I had a very pleasant surprise this week from Roz, one of the birthday giveaway winners. Isn’t this a darling little heart quilt she sent me? Thanks so much again, Roz!

I did have a little sewing excitement this week that I could have done without. I was making a bag and smoothed the fabric while the machine was sewing and I stuck a quilting pin very deep into my finger. DH immediately reached to pull the pin out and I told him not yet as I didn’t want to bleed on the bag. I had him cut the thread pull the fabric out while I held the pin into my finger, he then folded the fabric back and pulled the pin out. Just like a man, he measured to see how much of the pin was in my finger and it was over a 1/2″. Said wound bleed off and on the rest of the day and is still sore to the touch. No pics as I didn’t want to gross anyone out.

I need to get down stairs and go through my books as I still haven’t found the pattern I will use for the Holiday Booty Swap. Hopefully one will jump out at me today screaming “Use me.”

Hope everyone has a super quilt-y week!!


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2 Responses

  1. betsy says:

    that little quilt was such a nice gesture. I love the way the animals are turning out. YOu are so talented.
    I am sure your holiday booty swap partner loves Pat sloan.. who dosen’t?
    Thanks, Betsy. That is true about Pat

  2. Jill says:

    Oh I’m glad you’re OK. Anything that cuts flesh freaks me out and a needle or pin in the finger hurts like heck! I know you’re a true quilter if you were more worried about bleeding on your project than your finger! LOL! Hopefully your finger is feeling better.
    Thanks, I’m trying to make sure the pins are going the other direction now.

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