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First, I finished Bunny Dreams and Nikolas loves it. 😀 Nikolas kisses the bunnies, I’m sure he doesn’t understand that it isn’t his.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the Zoo Animals quilt finished. As disappointed as I am it couldn’t be helped with me starting a new job. I am better organized with my job this week so quilting will resume.

Found a crochet group that meets on Tuesday mornings that I’m thinking about going to. The only problem is they meet at 8:00 am, I’m not normally dressed at that time and have barely had 1 cup of coffee. The ladies also quilt, so I need more info on that.

Speaking of crochet, I haven’t done much of that lately either. I did get a decent photo of the yarn.  I think it is very pretty.

Then I leave you with a photo of Nikolas eating a halloween cupcake. 😀  He nearly had a heart attack when he dropped his cupcake and it rolled down his leg. 😛

Have a good evening!


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Let the quilting begin!

I woke up yesterday morning ready to get started quilting the Zoo Animal quilt. Laid the backing down, then the batting and finally the top. Oops something didn’t look right. 😦 Because the top grew I was short ALOT on the backing. Thank goodness I hadn’t cut the batting to short. So I did what any quilter would do, I started quilting Bunny Dreams.  I’m very pleased with how much I got quilted on the bunny quilt. I outlined around the bunnies and the carrots and kinda sorta stitched in the ditch. I’m sure I will finish it today hopefully (crosses fingers) will at least get started on the binding. I’m using a different type of Warm & Natural, I think it was called Warm & Natural Lite White. It is very thin and it quilts so nicely. I really like it for the baby quilts because it is so light weight. Some of the quilts I made for Nikolas are very heavy and a baby don’t need that. Then when I needed a break I went back to Hobby Lobby for more backing. They didn’t have any more so I got moon and stars that matched. DD liked it so I do too.

Last night while watching TV I worked on the shawl. I’m so loving making this shawl, I’m already dreaming of the next one I will make. 😀  I want to take a photo of the yarn in natural light today hopefully the grey will turn to the right shade of green.

Happy quilting!

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I spent a huge chunk of my day being worked in at the doctor’s office, which resulted a numerous prescriptions. Everyone must have been picking up prescriptions because I had a 2 hour wait for those. Long story short some unknown creature (I’m sure it was a spider because they are just nasty like that) bit me during the night. It bit me right next to my ear on my face. 😦 So by the time I woke up the area was swollen, red and you could actually see what looked like punctures. Yes, it hurts a lot. So you are wondering why I’m sharing the nastiness with you, I didn’t get any quilting done on the Zoo Animal quilt. 😦

Here is where I’m at on the scarf. OUT OF THREAD!! :O Did I make the scarf longer than was called for? I don’t know, I just know I’m out of thread but I will pick up another skein.

I did wonder through Hobby Lobby while waiting on the prescriptions. I know I didn’t need that yarn but I didn’t know I was going to run out of the blue yarn. *sigh*  That isn’t grey it is green. I think it is very pretty. So besides running out of the blue yarn today and laying down I did manage to do this.  I’m making a shawl. Just a simple pattern but I think it will be very pretty and it will be very warm. I would really like to keep it for myself but I will probably end up giving it to my mother for Christmas. Unless I finish this one really fast (only working on it at night) and I have time to make another one for Mom. I’m so bad! 😦 OH and I picked up Warm & Natural for Greg’s 2 quilts.

Looking forward to Tuesday!

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It grew and grew and grew

I really didn’t want the Zoo Animal quilt to be huge but it will be a quilt that Greg can use for a few years. Finished size is 35″ x 58″. I really like the finished top and the parents like it also. So tomorrow I will layer, baste and start quilting. The basting part isn’t fun but certainly needed. My plan is to outline quilt around each animal and then in the ditch. In the yellow border I will quilt Greg’s name. I’m not sure what I will do in the multicolor border, I think I have time to decide.


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After doing 4 rows of the half double crochet I didn’t like the feel and I switched to double crochet, much better. I’m hoping to have this scraf finished by next winter. 😉

The pastel borders are gone from the Zoo Animal quilt and I’ve been making a brighter border that I will sew together and then onto the quilt today.  From this to this  I just hope I have made enough and don’t have to make more. Hopefully by this evening the borders will be on the quilt.

I’m so goofy. I mis-read the guideline for the Mini Booty Holiday Swap, I thought I had to mail by Nov. 1st but in I don’t have to mail until Dec. 1st. YIPPEE!! I will have it mailed way before then and I sew needed the extra time.

Have a great day!

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I may not know how to knit but I can crochet and while at Wally World the other day ended up in front of the yarn. Yarn has came a long way. Of course, I found some I had to have. Good grief I had to pick a yarn that is hard to work with. Anywho!! I will make a simple scarf using half double crochet stitch and I should be back in the hang of things. I picked up the magazine Interweave Crochet and inside I find a shawl I must have, not in those colors but still I must have it. Oh yeah, back to the scarf the thread is very pretty. I haven’t decided how it will look with my red coat but still I’m getting the feel of crochet again. Unfortunately the small flicks of color in the navy does not show. 😦

P.S. Greg’s dad did not like the pastel borders so they are coming off. Last night I cut strips of all the fabrics that I used for the background of the blocks and the sashings and I will make a border. Said strips will be cut into small blocks. I will show you as I didn’t describe that very well at all.

Have a great Friday!!

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Help, please

I think it needs the border on the bottom to match the sides. DD wants it left as is but I’m afraid it will look like I ran out of fabric. Help please!!

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101st Airborne Division

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.”                        –Benjamin Dsraeli

Flags flew at half mass on Ft. Campbell today for three soldiers who died in the line of duty in Sept. A rememberance ceremony was held at headquarters in memory of these three fallen soldiers. I’ve been to too many of these ceremonies and I cry every time and I have never known any of the soldiers.

My son-in-law having been in the Honory Guard was requested to be an escort for someone tonight. I think he looks very handsome.

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Last 2 blocks

WOOHOO!! I finished the last two blocks for the Zoo Animals quilt. Tomorrow I will piece the blocks together and the quilting will begin. The pattern showed the aligator with only one eye, I think his head looks more turned than mine. I will probably add another eye so he doesn’t look deformed or un-finished. 😉   While digging through my stash for the perfect fabric for the above critters I found the left over fabric from this pillowcaseand I’m thinking about using it for the sashing. What do you think?

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

22 days and counting

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I blog because it is fun and a great way to document my quilts. Also, I love reading all the blogs that I read. Thanks to Google Reader I can read about 100 per day. However, this week has made me think about changing my settings so that I have to approve all comments thanks to two bloggers leaving me not nice comments. The last of the two left me gritting my teeth and sent me on a walk before I typed this. So, fellow bloggers, if in the near future you notice I have to approve all comments you will understand why.

Pictures tomorrow of the last two blocks, I’m not in the mood today to post photos.

23 days and counting

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