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I’ll go backwards using the title. 😉  WPW=Wacky Pack Wannabe. I am now an official member. WOOHOO!! These talented quilters sound like they have way too much fun and I know I want to be involved in that. Click the bee in my sidebar and check them out.

Crocheting… Well tonight it became obvious that I was out of practice calculating how much yarn was needed when I enlarge a pattern. So now I am forced to go back to Hobby Lobby to purchase another skein of yarn. Poor me! I hope they are not having a sale. 😉 This is where I am at with the prayer shawl and that is 2 skiens and it only called for 3. Whether I decide to give this to Mom or keep it for myself, both of us are just a tad fluffy. 😀  Definitely will not big enough to keep a fluffy gal warm.

I’ve been quilting on the Holiday Mini quilt. I really don’t think I will finish it tomorrow but I probably will finish it Monday afternoon after work.  That’s all you get to see until my partner receives it. Well, I might take a photo of it in the washer. 😀

One more photo. You know you want to see what a dirty baby looks like that puts himself to sleep.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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2 Responses

  1. Molly says:

    Go Cindy! So glad you want to be a Wacky Wannabe! You have a great blog. I love the Blogging without obligation thing. It’s like—GIVE ME SOME RELIEF!–but you know?—I love blogging. I honestly do it for myself. If helps motivate me, and also helps me organize my thoughts. If anyone wants to read my blog, that is great, but if not, who cares. It is for me. Looking forward to getting to know you better

  2. betsy says:

    Poor baby, he looks so adorable. He is growing fast!
    I love the colors of your booty swap quilt.

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