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Long story short, Lacy’s dr thinks the tech made a mistake about the sex of the baby. The dr can’t see the parts that make the baby a boy. Lacy has cried non-stop ever since she was told they don’t know the sex of her baby. They will repeat the sonogram on the 30th. Lacy doesn’t care if the baby is a boy or girl, she just has nothing for a girl. I told her when she was born they didn’t do sonograms to determine sex, you were just pleasantly surprised on the day of delivery. I think she cried harder when I told her that.

So will these quilts work for either sex?  

Did I mention that they changed her due date to 1/26 and that Nikolas’s birthday is 1/23 and Lacy’s is 1/20?


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  1. farmerjulie says:

    holy moly…tell her i am thinking of her..that will be a lot of birthday cake that week!
    Oh my! I hadn’t thought of all the cake, I was thinking of all the presents.

  2. betsy says:

    asolutely! Girls love animals and rabbits too. Ironic, I think I sent you some soft baby pink pieces of fabric in there. Maybe I knew. LOL
    I wasn’t sure. You sure did and I was thinking I would use them in something for Lacy but maybe now they will be used for Baby C. Maybe you did know.

  3. Toni says:

    I think both quilts will work fine for boy or girl! Poor thing, I’m sure her horomones are crazy and that is why she took it soo hard. It will all pan out just fine!
    Yes, her horomones are wild, she should find out Tuesday morning at the sonogram. The baby will probably crosses his/her legs to keep the dr from seeing. 😉

  4. Pat says:

    Of course those quilts would work. Little girls love animals just as much as little boys. (AND…girls can have ANY color, too.) Now if it was all racing cars and trains, that might be a different story.
    lol, I was all out of train notions when it came to making a quilt for this baby. Nikolas’s train on his quilt nearly drove me to the nut house. OH wait, I’m already there. 😉

  5. Rhonda says:

    Both quilts will work. Nowadays, nearly all colors work for baby.
    Thanks, Rhonda. I was worried.

  6. Both quilts are “gender neutral” (I think that’s the fancy new way of saying ‘good for boys or girls’).

    And while everyone’s little, having all the birthdays together isn’t as much fun… but when everyone’s all grown up (so hard to think of that being in just a few decades, isn’t it?), it makes for a wonderful excuse for getting the whole family together for a fun evening/weekend without the stress of the holidays!

    (I say this because my mom’s in January, along with several other relatives!)
    You are so right about the birthday’s, Lacy wants each baby to have their own day. I’ll have to share this with Lacy.

  7. Roz says:

    Of course they will. How cute, when my kids were born, we knitted a lot of white or yellow or baby green sweaters and booties. There was a big surprise when the baby came–it was guaranteed to be either a boy or a girl–

  8. Jill says:

    I loved knowing that I was having a girl. it meant we could plan her room and name her at 18 weeks pregnant, so I understand lacy wanting to know. By the way Nicholas has the same birthday as my daughter.

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