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Greg is here

Greg arrived this afternoon at 1538 weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and was 20″ long. I think he is just perfect and looks a lot like Nikolas. img_1231 img_1218 img_1225 It has been a long exciting day! I’m so ready for bed.


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…..will be here sometime today. I’ll post pictures when I get home. Lacy just left for the hospital.

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Lacy got bumped

The hospital only  schedules 4 “elective” inductions on any given day. I don’t consider it “elective” if there is a medical problem but unfortunately I’m not running things at that hospital. Lacy was bumped by 2 women that had went 42 wks, 1 needed a c section and the last had to have her baby today so she could have gallbladder surgery. Lacy was very disappointed but understood being bumped. Lacy did talk to a nurse who is a Capt. who was very sweet and sympathetic to Lacy and told Lacy she was scheduled tomorrow and could not be bumped again. Lacy calls in the morning to find out what time to be there. So Lacy has 1 more day of pain and I have 1 more day to get things ready for baby Greg. I’m going to take pictures today of all the clothes that boy has. No baby has ever had so many clothes and blankets. I stopped counting blankets at 30. Their friends have been so good to them giving them clothes and blankets and socks. Oh did I mention that Greg won’t need socks until he starts to school?

Have a great day and please keep Lacy and Greg in your prayers tomorrow.

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Honest/Scrap & FabulousAward

My good friend, Rhonda, has honored me with an award whose name is Honest Scrap which is slightly scary. But, I’ll willing to give it a try. The only rule is that I reveal 10 facts about myself that I haven’t necessarily shared with anyone.

  1. I was the only girl on the street growing up. (10 boys)
  2. I can drive an 18 wheeler.
  3. I hold a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state of  Texas
  4. I’ve worked as a bailbondsman.
  5. I can play the piano, organ and accordian.
  6. I’ve been in all the states in the US but 10
  7. I want to visit a tropical island before I die.
  8. My right eye was pulled out in an accident when I was 1 yr old, my dr was able to save my eye
  9. I’m terrified of thunderstorms
  10. I don’t like to drive in the dark

Now, I must list 5 addictions……….this is going to be very easy!

  1. Coffee
  2. Fabric
  3. Yarn
  4. Internet
  5. Ice tea

And now to tag 5 luck bloggers: Joanna, CJ, Julie, Cheryl and Toni

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Still here

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Lacy is still not feeling well but since she started taking the meds prescribed to her we have noticed the pain is worse when she sits up to long. Greg has been doing leg kicks and arm stretches from the looks of his mommy’s tummy. Everyone has done their thing at the lab and we will find out if any of us can’t give blood on Friday. Today we have no dr appts. If you would like you can check out my crochet blog to see what I have been doing at the dr office.

Hope everyone is having a great quilting week!

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Baby Greg

The doctor is trying to hold Greg in until Jan. 27th as Lacy is so anemic she can not afford to loose any blood, we will all be tested next week to see if our blood can be given to Lacy during delivery. Also, Lacy’s blood pressure shot up almost to stroke level and they are hoping to get that leveled off and stay down. I am reading blogs but replying very little. Sew needless to say my machine is collecting dust. Please keep Lacy and Greg in your prayers and thoughts.

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Monday Monday

My plan was to show Greg’s finished zoo animal quilt in this post but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it. Lacy had hard cramps all night with spotting on Sunday night. Monday morning she went in and let her doctor check her. Doctor said she was in the very early stages of labor but it could take all week. 😦 If Lacy hasn’t had Greg by Friday she will go back to the doctor. So if you would like to see pictures of the washer, dryer, vacuum, me chasing Nikolas and folded laundry I can help you. 😉 I was just too tired to do anything fun. I need to get ahead on my  quilting post so it don’t look like I feel off the internet. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Lacy wanted some pillowcases and she wanted them the day before she asked me to make them.         The bear pillowcase is for Lacy’s pillow that she will take to the hospital when Greg makes his entrance. I still have fabric to make 2 more.

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Doll House” Potholder Tutorial

Over at Freda’s Hive she has tutorial for a Doll house potholder. They are just adorable! No need for me to make them because they are too cute to use. 😀  If you make some of these, be sure you show them to all of us.

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The mailman brought goodies today from Rhonda. Little paper pieced blocks for me to finish. They are just beautiful, thanks, Rhonda    I have no idea what I will do with them. I’ve laid them several different way, drooled over them and then drooled over them separately. Today I will lay them against some fat quarters and see if an idea comes to mind. Don’t quilters make the best friends?

Happy quilting!

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