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Everyone having the crud wasn’t good enough for everyone in this house. Oh no, everyone and I do mean everyone is on round two. I’m sure I need to have my throat amputated. It is horrible. Poor little Greg has it just as bad as everyone else and ended up in the ER. Poor little guy! 

So all I have accomplished this week is to get my pieces cut and fused on the tea towel. I so want this towel for myself and it isn’t finished.

So I thought I would try something new. Blogger spotlight. Blogger spotlight is where I will tell you about a blog that I really enjoy following. I will talk about designers, quilters and anyone else that I follow.

This week I’m spotlighting JudyLaquidara.  Judy is a quilt designer. Judy has several things for bloggers to get involved in if they sew choose. Judy offers: stash busting, Star BOM, quilt a-long and hold a quilt-a-thon. Judy adds interest to her blog by blogging about her husband Vince, son Chad, dog Speck and her life. Be warned that Judy does not give spit warnings so do not drink and read Judy’s blog. 😉  Check out the right column on Judy’s blog for her free patterns and patterns she has for sale.

Here are some of Judy’s quilts.   

I have never made any of Judy’s quilts and probably never will. Anyone that know me knows I hate piecing and I LOVE applique’. However, if I ever get the chance to meet Judy or attend one of her classes I will be there with bells on.

Happy quilting!


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4 Responses

  1. Judy L. says:

    What an honor! Thanks!

  2. betsy says:

    I read Judy’s blog too.
    I am sad to hear everyone is sick again. Poor Baby Greg. I hope this all ends soon!
    Could you email me a sneak peek of the towel? You know how I feel about kitchen towels. 😀

  3. Roz says:

    Feel better soon!

  4. I hope everyone feels better soon!!

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