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Shoes with quilts

Did you know you can now get your quilt’s picture put on your shoes? Who would have thought?  Want to know more about shoes with quits? Jump over to DreamWeaver Quilts and get all the details.

Happy quilting!

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Last year Shnoodle! entertained us with her block a day using her quilt calendar. Shnoodle! this year is making a quilt a month.  Lindsey’s goal is to have one quilt (made out of the blocks of 2008) ready for each Show & Tell, which happen the first Tuesday of every month. What a great idea! Is this woman a quilting machine or what? I just love Lindsey’s quilts.

Jan Quilt  Feb Quilt March Quilt

Happy quilting!

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Tutorial: Easy Pillow Case With Contrasting Hem

I found this quick and easy way to make a pillow case over at Lazy Girl blog.  Lazy Girl has some great FREE tutorials. I’ve made some of their bags and they really are easy.

Have you started thinking of all the pillow cases you can make? Have fun!

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FREE Pattern – Easter Placemat #2

Here are some placemats that the kids will love to use, and that will help you contain the mess. The silverware pocket will be a fun added element for the small ones, who can help to set their own place at the table. You may even continue to use these throughout the spring! Didn’t the The Heart of Sewing make an adorable placemat? She claims it is for kids but I could see myself eating off this placemat. 😀 If you liked that placemat just look how cute this one is also by The Heart of Sewing.

Happy sewing!

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Make a Bear Backpack

Since it is “Craft Month” I thought I would share some other craft projects. I thought this one was pretty cute. I found this one at Dollar Store Crafts.

 Craftster user Pretty.Odd created a backpack out of a stuffed bear. The dollar store typically carries stuffed bears that are about 12-14″ tall and would work very well for a backpack! Spend some time at Dollar Store Crafts, they have some pretty cute stuff there.

Happy stitching!

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Hoppy Easter!

Here is a little tea towel I appliqued. I don’t like the towel that I used, I won’t be buying any more of those.

Happy stitching!

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Craft month

Did you know that March is craft month? Who decides these things? I wanted to know how these things are decided so I went searching and here are the answers I found. ;o

  1. Special “months”, “days” and even “years” are declared by anybody who wants to. The various producer organisations in the UK (The Egg Council, The Potato Council etc) frequently declare national weeks. Instructables has declared 2009 to be a Green Year.
  2.  It is quite common for US legislative bodies, from city to federal, to pass resolutions declaring a day (week/month/…) is Some Person or Some Cause Day. AFAIK, no special privileges are bestowed, just bragging rights. Similar to getting the key to the city. I assume it’s the same in most places.
    . As others have pointed out, for the most part, it’s just some group that is trying to publicize their cause
  3. “Months” (and “weeks and “days”) are announced by various organisations, how official they are depends upon your regard for the organisation declaring the month. I am not aware of any government department or ministry with responsibility for this area, so I would say “no” to your first question. And to your second “yes”

March wears many hats.

  1. Fraud Awareness Month
  2. National Reading Month
  3. National Crochet Month

Because I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I searched for some craft projects that were different but sewing related.

  1. How to Sew StitchLits –  little sewing kits that contain everything you need to stitch tiny, sewable LEDs that into pretty much anything! Mod your favorite jacket, sneakers, purse, or toy! These little lights can live just about anywhere.
  2. Hand Embroidery – This Instructable will teach you how to satin stitch a celtic knot (or anything else that will fit the instructions. If you are intimidated by this project, do a google image search on ‘feis dress’ and weep.
  3. Fabric Origami Quilt Block – a Simply Quilts episode featuring author Rebecca Wat, who’s written a book about adapting origami techniques for fabric and then using them in quilt making. Here is the fold/block she showed. She called it an “inside out flower”.
  4. Cheap Sewing and Quilting Table or Desk #2 – This video is how I convert my cheap sewing and quilting table so that I can do the machine quilting on a very large quilt.
  5. Biscornu (offset square cushion) –  a biscornu is a tiny eight-sided embroidered pillow that can be used as a pincushion, an holiday ornament, key chain/cell phone decoration, a scissor fob, the centerpiece of a wreath, filled with flower petals or herbs to make a sachet  

Note: None of these tutorials are mine. All were taken from Instructables.

Happy quilting!

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Kitchen Mini Booty Swap continued

I pulled the fabrics needed for the tea towel. I did a lot of auditioning as I wanted the fabrics to match in the towel and quilt. I would find a fabric to use then realize it wasn’t enough for both. 😦 Here are the fabrics I decided on. I have traced, cut and fused the pieces for the tea towel.    I was a little concerned about fusing on the towel but I used a pressing cloth and everything worked out just fine. I really like the feel of the towels.

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