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May Cottage

Betsy is hosting a cottage block swap. There are 12 of us, each person has a month. Mary had May which was the first month and trust me, Mary is going to be a hard act to follow. The block is outstanding.  I’m so excited about this swap. I can’t wait to see the other blocks. I will be doing July and I’m on the prowl for a certain type of fabric. 😉 Mary also gifted us with a matching towel.  How sweet was that?


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Wordless Wednesday

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Hand project

Betsy hooked Toni. I was giving some thought to learning needleturn when Toni showed us her hand project. I never really was interested in learning needleturn but I want to learn to do something by hand. I love making yo-yo’s but I don’t think I would want to make enough yo-yo’s to make a quilt.Although these projects that used yo yo’s are pretty cute.    I don’t think I want to make enough yo-yo’s to make this  This little yo-yo flower made my mind grow with ideas. I would like to start with whatever I have already as I’m trying to not get out much. I don’t mind anyone knowing all this swine flu talk has me worried.

Happy quilting!

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Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spolight is on Friday this week. 😉

My daughter Lacy has started testing products that would be of interest to women. A lot of the products that she test are for toddlers and babies. Check out Mommy Talks. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

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Baby legs

In the photo I used for Wordless Wednesday, Greg was not wearing socks. Those are called Baby Legs. Babies wear them to keep their legs warm, keep from skinning up their legs when they start crawling, etc. In the photo you can see Greg’s little toes peeking out.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Mini Booty Swap quilt-let

It took me 2 days to decide on a background for the quilt-let. What was my problem? Thinking too hard probably. This is the fabric I decided on and yes I know it is blurry. I did that on purpose.  I think this will be beautiful with the applique’ on it. I’m thinking I will use this for the backing also but that decision is subject to change. I thought I had a photo of the applique’ pieces I could show but the only picture I have of the pieces shows what the design would be. So another day I will give a sneak peak.

Happy quilting!

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Swap towel

Surely you didn’t think I was going to show you the tea towel for the kitchen theme Mini Booty Swap?  I do need some help with it. I think it needs a yo-yo where the branches come together?  What do you think? I do think the towel turned out cute and will match the quilt very well.

I need to do more towels, I always think they are so cute when they are done.

Happy quilting!

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Quilt shoes

Do you remember me posting about these cute shoes with a quilt pattern on them?   Well, how about a tutorial that you will help you make your own quilt shoes? Over at Craftstylish is where you need to go. Be sure you show us your shoes!

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Best Friends

Betsy sent me this package of 12 fat qtrs and asked me to make something for myself. As I was looking through the magazines, I held the pkg of fat qtrs in my lap. I was searching for a pattern that I could use the fat qtrs. Finally, I saw this.  And I remembered that I had this.  I’m not sure I will make the size that is in the magazine, it may end up being a wall hanging and I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to work the kitties into the shape I need it to be without loosing the cuteness of the fat qtr. I will defintely have to do some thinking on this and probably get a little help from my friends.

Happy quilting!

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