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DH and I moved the last week of March. We are in a 1 bedrm apt and it is fine except there isn’t a dining area. What people that live in 1 bedrm apts don’t eat? 😉 We will eat off TV trays in front of the TV, something we have NEVER done. lol Unfortunately, I had to unpack boxes before I got to start hanging my quilts. Quilt location was decided by size and space on wall.

Living room   By front door  Another wall  By the front door Yes, I see I the butterfly is crooked, I straightened it. 😉

Bedroom  Behind bed. Jon is going to hang photos of the boys in the blank space.  Door leads to closet  Same wall as closet  Cathedral Window hangs next to the window The wall above my sewing machine is blank also. I don’t know what I will hang there.

Lacy and I did some trading. Lacy had always wanted my little quilt Chicks With an Attitude so I traded it for this. Great swap, uh?

So I’m sewing some things and selling them so I will do my work sewing in the mornings and then in the afternoon I think I will start quilting my Farmer’s Market, which will go to Lacy. Somehow that girl claims every quilt I make! Can we say spoiled? 😉  I haven’t decided on a backing yet nor have I decided on a border. I think I better start thinking.

After I finish Farmer’s Market, I need to get busy quilting Jon’s Ribbit quilt.  Jon was a HUGE help to us when we were moving that week. Plus, Jon will be deploying to Afghanistan within the next 120 days. 😦 Of course, when you are in the military you know this can happen, however, they need to send some that have the same years of service as Jon that hasn’t been. I did offer to write a note to the Command Sgt Major excusing Jon from the deployment, Jon didn’t think it would work. 😉

So one of the things I have been making is reuseable nursing pads.  I can’t make them fast enough. The nursing Moms’ are gaga over these.  Several of the Moms’ have requested that I make some bibs so I am doing that also.  I call this a peepers bib. lol Isn’t my model too cute for words? 😉

Note:  Jon’s Col. called a briefing today and said they should be deploying in June but this is the Army and it could be as late Dec. Jon’s quilt has been pushed in front of the Farmer’s Market.

Happy quilting!

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2 Responses

  1. betsy says:

    Cindy your apartment is just so beautiful!
    I like the way you have displayed my little quilts. You are a darling.
    Please make sure you let our little yahoo group know about your little business ok.

  2. Roz says:

    Good luck on your new home. For the dining table, perhaps you can get a table that folds up when not in use. Or a coffee table that converts. Your new place looks very nice. Best wishes–

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