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Betsy hooked Toni. I was giving some thought to learning needleturn when Toni showed us her hand project. I never really was interested in learning needleturn but I want to learn to do something by hand. I love making yo-yo’s but I don’t think I would want to make enough yo-yo’s to make a quilt.Although these projects that used yo yo’s are pretty cute.    I don’t think I want to make enough yo-yo’s to make this  This little yo-yo flower made my mind grow with ideas. I would like to start with whatever I have already as I’m trying to not get out much. I don’t mind anyone knowing all this swine flu talk has me worried.

Happy quilting!


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  1. betsy says:

    Cindy my grandmother used to make these clowns and pillows and bed covers with yo-yo’s.
    Back then polyester fabric was in style and God how I used to hate them.
    I make them by hand. Actually the best way is to get a curcle rotary cutter, cut different sizes, put in a ziploc bag by t.v. and make a couple when you watch t.v.

  2. Cindy, the Swine Flu outbreak isn’t good news – but enough steps have been taken locally that anything north of Texas and away from the seaboards won’t see any cases in the long run. (Ohio is an aberration, and steps have been taken to prevent the spread there.)

    Just treat combating it like you would any flu: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and make sure to treat any wounds (paper cuts, needle stabs) promptly with an antibiotic ointment. If you do, on the long shot, show any flu symptoms (fever combined with cough/congestion), go to the doctor right away for treatment. (This is why it hits so badly in undeveloped areas – there’s a lack of sanitation and good medical care, and the combination is fatal.)

  3. CraftyGryphon says:

    PS, I remember “swine flu” from when we were little… see

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