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Saying good-bye

Yesterday was my last time to sew with my quilting group. We had a wonderful time and it was so hard to say good-bye. I can only hope to find a group have as wonderful as these ladies. I got 4 more blocks made for my Quilt As You Go, Reversible Quilt.

Today I start packing. Yuck! I will start in the living room, then I will move on to our bedroom. I could probably pack everything in the apartment in 2 days but I have to save some quilting time. The good part of this move is I will be living in the same town as DD and her family.

Have a great quilt-y day!

Quilt As You Go 8 made 36 needed


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Yesterday was quilting day with the Artful Hands ladies. It was so nice to see the ladies and what they were working on. I had prepped my Farmer’s Market block for June which is peaches and I had also prepped block #6 for Pretty ‘n’ Pink. Got the peach block appliqued and I got started on block #6. I will finish block #6 today.

Happy quilting!

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Here it comes

Only having lived in NM for 10 mths I can’t always tell the difference between smoke and sand storms. 😦  Yesterday DH was with me and annouced “Here it comes” and I grabbed my camera.

 It sure did! And the wind was only blowing 40 mph yesterday.

Yesterday was the monthly meeting for my quilting group. We took care of the business part first and then moved on to the fun. First item of fun was taking everyone’s photo, printing it out and then drawing a photo. They are making blocks for a quilt to be given away at the Christmas party. They are using the book A quilter’s Yearbook. Since DH’s job will be moving us sometime in Aug or Sept I did not participate. Then we had Show & Tell which is always so much fun and such great eye candy. Plus it is a great way to get new ideas.

Today I am layering and (hopefully) quilting my Because We are Special Too.

Happy quilting!

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What a day!

Yesterday was my sewing group. We were all on a roll finishing up the project we were working on when we heard the sirens. Another lady that works in the building came by and told us a tornado had touched down west of town. I called my DH and he had saw the tornado but it was a good way from him. Just as I got off the phone with him one of the other lady’s cell rang and it was her husband telling her to come home that 2 more tornados had been spotted. I’m sure you can imagine how fast we got our things together and was out the door. The sirens screamed my entire way home. In all we had 2 tornados touch down, the one west of town and another north of us. It didn’t even sprinkle at my house. Strange.

After all that I think I deserve to spend the day in my sewing room.

Happy quilting

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Off schedule

Yesterday I made Nikolas 3 pillowcases, then I made 2 pillowcases for me. I so need to stick to my goals so I will have everything done before I go to KY. Today I must have willpower and stick to my list. I was surprised to see that I had so many things I could check off.

The frog quilt is seriously getting on my nerves so I have decided I will work on it on Wednesday at my quilt group. That way I can talk with the ladies as I applique those silly frogs and their eyes, mouths, and eyelashes on the girl frogs.

Happy quilting!

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Artful Hands

I am so going to miss my quilting group when we move on to the next job. 😦 We have so much fun and these ladies are so talented. I had a great sewing day yesterday. I got all of the mosquitos stitched on the ribbet quilt. YIPPEE! On to the frogs but not today. Today I’m going to make my tote, I hope. 😉

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