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Happy Monday

I know Monday’s are usually blah but I had a great day.

First I made this bag. and this is the lining.  Here is the tutorial I used to make this little bag. http://craftapple.wordpress.com/2006/02/21/the-lindie-bag-free-pattern/

Then I made three billfolds. These are so fast and fun. I had been planning to make them so I had the snaps and instead of using interfacing I used fusible fleece.

 Aren’t these too cute?

Got my next swap partner so I’m going tomorrow and look around for fabric that jumps out at me. The colors my partner requested I don’t know that I have ever shopped for so this will be an adventure to me.

Hope everyone had a great Monday and a better Tuesday!


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Happy birthday giveaway!

If you are a winner,would you please email your address to me.

The first gift goes to Roz getting a reversable tote.

The second gift goes to Nature Girl getting a  halloween treet bag. Sorry, Jill, I put her name in the hat instead of yours.


The third gift goes to Toni aka The Quilting Pirate getting a halloween purse.    

Gifts will be mailed on Monday. Today is my birthday and I’m eating lots cake and having some fun.

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The devil made me do it. :D

Yesterday just as I finished up the last item for the giveaway tomorrow, DD wonders into the room inquiring if I had any more of a certain fabric because she wanted me to duplicate it for her. I lay the pattern on said fabric and I had just enough. So I cut it out and would you believe I cut one with the fabric making the design going the wrong way. So I did what anyone would do, I called the quilt shop in New Mexico where I bought it. Of course, the name of the fabric in the selvege was gone. So I emailed a copy of the fabric to the shop owner. Several hours later she emailed me back, no she didn’t have any. So we went to Hancock’s afterall they were having a sale.  Four yards of fabric later and lots of notions we came back home. DH was a sweetie and he cooked dinner while I whipped up this little number for DD.

Can you see the covered button? It is the face of the cutest little red spider. I had to be careful to make sure her little face showed.  🙂  The things mothers do for their babies. 😉 and the is the lining.

I did start looking on the internet for the fabric that I messed up. I will find it.

Have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the winners in my birthday giveaway.

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Nikolas saw the specialist Wednesday morning who did bloodwork. Nikolas has Fifth’s disease, should be cleared up with Amoxicilan, I was so reliefed. He is not the easiest baby to live with right now. We know he feels bad because usually is very good about taking his meds and that has become a horrible fight.

The last two days I have been busy making Halloween bags. Seems the friend showed her friend the halloween bag and everyone has been calling wanting one. I made 2 of each of these. I like the spiders the best and I really don’t like spiders. DH likes the blue the best. Lots of smiling little kids giving out hugs to me the last 2 days. 😀 I like hugs.

Plus I also made these 2 little bags. Fun Fun and fast. 

I think tomorrow I will work on Greg’s quilt. I need to look for animals for the next quilt. So little time for all the quilting I want to do.

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Lacy thought Nikolas needed a bag for halloween, his friend needed one too. 🙂

This is Nikolas’s bag.

Inside of the bag

The friend’s bag

No sewing tomorrow as DH and I are taking a short trip. I will be gone only for the day. I have my quilter’s travel companion next to my purse. DH will love that.

I haven’t forgot about the giveaway goodies but I had invited bug and didn’t sew for several days. I will get caught up hopefully this week.

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Tried 2 new bag patterns yesterday. The Lindie Bag was the first pattern I tried out. This bag is fast to make and I think turned out very cute.


The next pattern I got from Martha Stewart. Now Martha suggested you use a pillowcase to make this bag. Nope, I didn’t use a pillowcase, I used fabric.


So I’ve been staying out of trouble by sewing.

The bunny fabric arrived today and it is even cutier in person. I’ll take a photo as soon as I can get the fabric away from Nikolas.

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Blue bag, stitchery and a bright idea

I made another Japanese Knot bag. Loved the fabric, so fun!

   This was suppose to be my bag but DD snatched it also. 😉 I’m going to make a purse for myself that she would think looks like an old woman. 😀

Then I had a bright idea regarding said new bag. So I had this picture in my head and it don’t look like this.  I don’t think I like the borders on each end. I think I will take those 2 rows off.

I’ve been working on the travel trailer stitchery. It is slowly coming along. The unbleached muslin is so boring. I think I will look for something more exciting.

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Fabric and a new bag

No bunny fabric was found in our area nor can I find any on the internet. 😦 I haven’t give up but I’m also toying with the idea of taking the fabrics I used for the bunnies and carrots and piecing a back. Not really what I wanted but in a real bind it will work.

I did find this fabric which is the theme that DD is using for Greg. I will use it for the back of another quilt that I will make for Greg.

I made this little bag this morning.    Inside of bag

The tutorial for the Japanese Knot bag has real easy instructions. Of course, DD snatched this bag up before I had all the threads clipped from it. I did finally get to see if my things would fit before I make me one. Want these make great gifts for friends?

Happy quilting!

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