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First, I finished Bunny Dreams and Nikolas loves it. 😀 Nikolas kisses the bunnies, I’m sure he doesn’t understand that it isn’t his.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the Zoo Animals quilt finished. As disappointed as I am it couldn’t be helped with me starting a new job. I am better organized with my job this week so quilting will resume.

Found a crochet group that meets on Tuesday mornings that I’m thinking about going to. The only problem is they meet at 8:00 am, I’m not normally dressed at that time and have barely had 1 cup of coffee. The ladies also quilt, so I need more info on that.

Speaking of crochet, I haven’t done much of that lately either. I did get a decent photo of the yarn.  I think it is very pretty.

Then I leave you with a photo of Nikolas eating a halloween cupcake. 😀  He nearly had a heart attack when he dropped his cupcake and it rolled down his leg. 😛

Have a good evening!

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Let the quilting begin!

I woke up yesterday morning ready to get started quilting the Zoo Animal quilt. Laid the backing down, then the batting and finally the top. Oops something didn’t look right. 😦 Because the top grew I was short ALOT on the backing. Thank goodness I hadn’t cut the batting to short. So I did what any quilter would do, I started quilting Bunny Dreams.  I’m very pleased with how much I got quilted on the bunny quilt. I outlined around the bunnies and the carrots and kinda sorta stitched in the ditch. I’m sure I will finish it today hopefully (crosses fingers) will at least get started on the binding. I’m using a different type of Warm & Natural, I think it was called Warm & Natural Lite White. It is very thin and it quilts so nicely. I really like it for the baby quilts because it is so light weight. Some of the quilts I made for Nikolas are very heavy and a baby don’t need that. Then when I needed a break I went back to Hobby Lobby for more backing. They didn’t have any more so I got moon and stars that matched. DD liked it so I do too.

Last night while watching TV I worked on the shawl. I’m so loving making this shawl, I’m already dreaming of the next one I will make. 😀  I want to take a photo of the yarn in natural light today hopefully the grey will turn to the right shade of green.

Happy quilting!

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Houston, we have a problem!

Oops, not Houston I meant Gran-gran. 😀 Everytime I work on Greg’s quilt using the backing and border fabric, Nikolas pats the quilt and says “Mine”. I may need to go shopping for some bright fabric and get busy making Nikolas another quilt.

Here’s the backing fabric. Toni did a great job finding this fabric. The more I look at it the more I like it.

I did put the borders on this morning and I think I will call this top done. Finished top size is 40″x44″. Greg should be able to use this quilt for quite some time before it is too small.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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Nikolas saw the specialist Wednesday morning who did bloodwork. Nikolas has Fifth’s disease, should be cleared up with Amoxicilan, I was so reliefed. He is not the easiest baby to live with right now. We know he feels bad because usually is very good about taking his meds and that has become a horrible fight.

The last two days I have been busy making Halloween bags. Seems the friend showed her friend the halloween bag and everyone has been calling wanting one. I made 2 of each of these. I like the spiders the best and I really don’t like spiders. DH likes the blue the best. Lots of smiling little kids giving out hugs to me the last 2 days. 😀 I like hugs.

Plus I also made these 2 little bags. Fun Fun and fast. 

I think tomorrow I will work on Greg’s quilt. I need to look for animals for the next quilt. So little time for all the quilting I want to do.

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Bunny fabric found

Toni found this fantastic bunny fabric. Thank you so much, Toni.

  Isn’t it perfect for Greg’s quilt.

Come on, UPS man. 😀

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Fabric and a new bag

No bunny fabric was found in our area nor can I find any on the internet. 😦 I haven’t give up but I’m also toying with the idea of taking the fabrics I used for the bunnies and carrots and piecing a back. Not really what I wanted but in a real bind it will work.

I did find this fabric which is the theme that DD is using for Greg. I will use it for the back of another quilt that I will make for Greg.

I made this little bag this morning.    Inside of bag

The tutorial for the Japanese Knot bag has real easy instructions. Of course, DD snatched this bag up before I had all the threads clipped from it. I did finally get to see if my things would fit before I make me one. Want these make great gifts for friends?

Happy quilting!

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Not bad after all

Monday might have started off wrong but it turned out fine. DD and I shopped for fabric for the borders and backing for Bunny Dreams. Unfortunately, we have not located ANY bunny or carrot fabric yet. Tomorrow we will hit the LQS downtown and Hobby Lobby. We might not have found the perfect fabric but we did stop at Borders and we found books. I purchased The Friday Night Knitting Club and an ice coffee. Yummy! 😀

I’m slowly working on the travel trailer stitchery. I don’t make pretty stitches but I’m hoping by the time I’m finished they will have greatly improved.

Have a great day!

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It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday

I thought if I keep repeating this to myself the day would get better. My day didn’t start to good. I turned my laptop on which is wireless, it finds my secure connection but it won’t connect. 😦 I tell the computer wiz S-I-L and he works on it the laptop for 30 minutes or so. I am now connected with a cable/wire something. grrrr And trust me my laptop doesn’t want to even be connected to the internet with the cable. THEN some other daily stuff happened that could have just passed me by. So I will continue with my chant and hopefully I will convince myself. 😉

After lunch DD and I are going shopping for the fabric for the border, backing and a blue bath towel. No, the towel isn’t for the quilt. I’ve been making bibs for Greg and I was thinking that if I used a towel for the back of the bib the bib would be more absorbent.

My Mini Booty Swap II package is in the mail. WOOHOO!! Now I’ll be a nervous wreck until I know it has arrived. Mailing quilts is like letting your child solo drive for the first time. 😦 Also I always worry my partner won’t like what I made.

Happy quilting!

It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday, It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday, It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday, It will be a good Monday, it will be a good Monday

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Bunny Dream blocks

Finished the Bunny Dream blocks and I can’t wait to sew them together. Then I will be off to buy fabric for the borders and the backing. I’ve decided not to put sashing between the blocks.

Definitely a boy bunny 😉 Had to have an Army bunny.

Have a great Sunday!!

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Busy Friday

Morning got off to a late start. I slept until 8:00 am, Nikolas was up before me. Needless to say I didn’t get the last 2 bunnies fused, maybe in the morning. I did get the rest of the carrot tops applique’d and I only like doing 1 block and 1 1/2 carrots on another block. So all in all I did have a pretty productive day.

Last night I decided I would stitch the travel trailer first so I could practice making pretty stitches. I do not like EZ Washout Cloth Markers. I will be visiting Hobby Lobby to see if they have a water eraser pen. The cloth markers are so light I have to go over it several times before I can see the line and my fabric kept moving. I couldn’t see the blue pencil marks no matter how many times I went over the line. I have a disappearing ink pen but I was afraid it might disappear before I got it stitched. This is all I have accomplished.

Have a great weekend!

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