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Hot peppers

The beginning of a new bag using a different pattern. I love the purple fabric.

Happy quilting!


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New name

I got the new bag cut out this morning. I do think I overdid with my activities too soon after my procedure so this afternoon I have laid around and watched TV and looked and quilt books.

Did anyone see the Divide and Conquer Method on Simply Quilts this week? The Divide and Conquer: Quilt it Your Way is by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. I would love to find this book. Looks like an easy way to quilt for those of us that don’t have a great setup.

I didn’t want a brown and burgundy purse so while cutting it out this morning it came to me. Chocolate and raspberrys. lol I think I’ve had to much pain medication lately.

Maybe I’ll try to do a little sewing on the bag.

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