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What is a Grangran to do when a 2 yr old little boy pick up a very ugly piece of fabric and states “Mine”? Well, this Grangran jumps up and makes a very small throw. The finished size of the throw was 28 1/2″ x 32″. Obviously, I didn’t have much of said ugly fabric. I backed the little throw with black minkee.  Happy quilting!

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My little boys

Just a few pictures of the boys. Both boys are growing like little weeds. I think Greg is trying to catch up with Nikolas.

This is what Greg’s face looks like 95% of the time. He is the happiest baby.

See ya next week.

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My week and a pondering

Thanks to the darling spider I am now a week behind on everything. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccccckkkkk! I’m sure spiders are of the devil. There isn’t a lot of things that creep me out but spiders do. I’ve been know to abandon my vehicle on the side of the road because of a spider. I understand that I can easily smash one with a tissue but I can’t get past how creepy they look. I can shoot a snake, I can dress a deer out, I can take a mouse out of a trap but I can not stand to look at a spider. *shudders*

Moving on! I haven’t done anything this past week but lay in the bed, lay on the couch and sit at the computer for brief periods of time. By Thursday I was losing what mind I had left and my favorite son-in-law drove me to Walmart to buy a book. After browsing the books and magazines, I came home empty handed and went back to bed. Note: For those of you that don’t know, Jon is my only son-in-law but he is still my favorite. 😉

I think it was on Tuesday that I received a box from Betsy. Betsy had sent me an email stating to open the main box as there was something in the box for the boys. I was sleeping when the mailman dropped off the package but when I woke up Nikolas met me in the hall with the package saying “Na Na” I have no idea how he got Na Na out of GranGran. Nikolas grabbed this piece of fabric so it will become a quilt for him. 0954The other two pieces were cloth books. 095620955How cute! I have never made a cloth book but I intend to get busy on these projects as soon as I get my Holiday Swap done. Everyone is having fun with this package that Betsy sent. 0953I think everyone has squeezed the package and made a guess. lol Thank you so much, Betsy.

Starting this morning I must keep my nose to the grindstone. Today I will be working on my quilt for the Holiday Booty Swap and I’m hoping (crosses fingers) by day’s end I will be working on the binding. I want this package in the mail no later than Wednesday. I will work mornings starting Monday, in the afternoon I am not planning anything in case I need to rest and at night I will work on the prayer shawl.

I’m sure by now you are dieing to know what I’ve been pondering. Why is it that the good pills are always as big as a horse? Now keep in mind horses are HUGE! 0950Anyone that know the answer to this, please share.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Peg at Happy In Quilting very kindly gave me all the info for the stitcheries which are a BOM at Capricorn Quilts and Peg caught me up on the past BOM. WOOHOO I’m so excited to get started on these. I think I have everything to get started and I will start tracing after dinner.

  1. unbleached muslin
  2. hoop
  3. large case of embroidery floss
  4. new package of needles
  5. EZ quilting pencils

Yep, I’m ready. Before Peg had surprised me with all the patterns from months I had missed, I did a little searching and found this stitchery at Bobby Socks Quilts to do for a friend.

Hoping to get the last 2 bunnies fused in the morning. I’m trying to not use the iron when Nikolas is awake as he is a very curious little boy and I would feel terrible if he got burned.

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Other things I’m working on

Found this cute book at Hobby Lobby TotStuff. It has the cutest things in it for toddlers and a couple of things for babies.  I’m making Nikolas the towel wrap with matching bath mit.  I still need to put the buttons on for the eyes and bind. I want to make some bibs for the new baby when I finish the wrap for Nikolas.

I’m also playing with fabric for another bag. These strips will be the top of each side of the bag with another color in between. Did that make sense?

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I’m home

I had a wonderful time visiting with the kids and helping with Nikolas after his surgery. Only took 70 photos, I won’t bore you with all of them. Unfortunately, today is catch up day from having been gone for 2 wks. Hopefully, I will get back into my sewing room tomorrow.

Lacy, Nikolas and Jon eating dinner at the Rain Forrest

Nikolas couldn’t wait for Daddy to get his new car put together

Nikolas finally in the new car

This is a great car you can eat your snack while watching Handy Manny. 😉

Poor baby, doesn’t have any toys

Have a quilty day!!

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