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Block 7

Remember my Pretty ‘n’ Pink quilt.

Well, I another block. I still think it is going to be very pretty.

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Happy Monday

Lots going on this week some of it is just the boring stuff that life requires of us. 😉 I’m looking forward to Wednesday quilting with the ladies as I’m going to work on my quilt as you go quilt.

Last week’s goals

  • Cut fabric for side 1 of reversible quilt
  • Cut fabric for side 2 of reversible quilt
  • Pretty ‘n’ Pink- Block #4
  • Backpack for Nikolas
  • Not a bad week prior to leaving for KY.

    This week’s goals

    • Cut fabric for side 2 of reversible quilt
    • Pretty ‘n’ Pink-block #11
    • July tea towel
    • Pink bag for DD

    Have a great quilt-y week!

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    Lots of quilting

    Ribet quilt top is finished! WOOHOO!!!! I think it is too cute. Now I need to get the backing and batting.

    Finished block #6 for Pretty ‘n’ Pink. I’m so loving this quilt.

    Layout so far.

    This is the layout for the Farmers Market so far. I love the free BOM that Pat Sloan does. I can’t wait for the last block.

    Happy quilting!

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    Yesterday was quilting day with the Artful Hands ladies. It was so nice to see the ladies and what they were working on. I had prepped my Farmer’s Market block for June which is peaches and I had also prepped block #6 for Pretty ‘n’ Pink. Got the peach block appliqued and I got started on block #6. I will finish block #6 today.

    Happy quilting!

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    Block #4

    Block #4 which is actually 2 blocks of a basket. These 2 blocks took me 3 hrs to make and made me say a dirty twice. I was so frustrated. I offered to pay Sharon to make my blocks and she laughed. 😉 I still needto sew the sashings to the block but I’m so sick of this block that I may just leave it laying on my sewing table until I get home from KY.

    Cindi showed me how to make ruching roses. B-O-R-I-N-G These are beautiful, hopefully someday I can find the patience to make some.

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    Block #4

    Block #4 and I did not bond. There was a lot of cutting for these 2 cakestands so I checked them off as I cut. Well, I didn’t have enough blocks for 2 cakestands and I had too many blocks for 1 cakestand. Piecing is not my thing, give me applique’ any day. So I did what any quilter would do, I folded everything up and put it in my bag to take to my sewing day tomorrow. Then I moved on to block #5. Got all the pieces traced, fused and cut. Plus I got my background blocks cut and sewed together.

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    Block #3

    Happy birthday, Toni!!

    Block #3 took a little longer than I thought, longer as in all afternoon. The block is 30 1/2″ wide with a flower vine that runs across it. Smart me, I embroidered it by hand using floss that wasn’t divided. I’m really slow at hand embroidering. :/ I think the block turned out very pretty.

    All of the sashings in this quilt are 2 1/2″ blocks sewn together. I’m undecided if I want to do that, I don’t know if I want it to look too scrappy. I’m thinking sashings in different colors of pinks and lt. green would be very pretty.

    Happy quilting!

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