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I didn’t get around to going shopping for my swap partner fabric yesterday, I am going this morning after I take DD for another sonogram. DD’s doctor thinks Greg is either going to be here earlier than first thought or he is a very very big boy. I’m kinda hoping he will be here earlier, say Dec?

I’ve finished the first 2 blocks of the stitcheries and started on the third. I love them. I’m afraid I have a new addiction.     In my spare time, I am looking for another stitchery to do when I get all caught up on these. I’m leaning towards a Noah’s Ark that Lynnette Anderson has on her blog. I think it would be cute for Greg a quilt.

Have a quilty day!


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Reading can feed your addiction

And that is a good thing. 😀

Thanks to Toni I read blogs from Google reader. Being able to read more blogs let’s you find the best info. For some reason this morning I decided to actually go to Cinderberry Stitches’s blog. Am I ever glad I did. Cinderberry has a tutorial on doing stitcheries. I sew needed that. Plus she has a few free patterns.

Friday evening I once again worked on my first block from Capricorn Quilts BOM. These little blocks are so cute and fun. Then Saturday I started the second BOM although I wasn’t finished with the first block. There is good reasoning in my starting the second block, I want to use the dark turquoise thread in the block and since I still had an ample amount of thread in the needle I wanted to use it up. This is what I accomplished on Saturday.   No that is not black in the running stitch but a very dark green.

I did find a water soluble pen while at Hancock’s the other day. Thank goodness. However, I do intend to pickup one of the pens that Cinderberry uses in her tutorial.

Happy stitching!

P.S. Can anyone suggest a good needle to use?

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Finished the travel trailer last night. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, I was taking too big of stitch. Changed to a much smaller stitch and immediately saw a great improvement. Today I got the pattern traced onto my muslin and got started on the first block from  Capricorn Quilt BOM.  August and September stitcheries are still up if want to get the patterns. I decided for the time being I would just continue using the muslin. I hope to get caught up on these someday so I am doing the current month. The letters are stitched in a very deep purple, I think I should have used one strand of floss on the letters instead of two. I’m learning and figuring it out as I go. Not bad for being self taught.

Happy stitching!

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Blue bag, stitchery and a bright idea

I made another Japanese Knot bag. Loved the fabric, so fun!

   This was suppose to be my bag but DD snatched it also. 😉 I’m going to make a purse for myself that she would think looks like an old woman. 😀

Then I had a bright idea regarding said new bag. So I had this picture in my head and it don’t look like this.  I don’t think I like the borders on each end. I think I will take those 2 rows off.

I’ve been working on the travel trailer stitchery. It is slowly coming along. The unbleached muslin is so boring. I think I will look for something more exciting.

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Busy Friday

Morning got off to a late start. I slept until 8:00 am, Nikolas was up before me. Needless to say I didn’t get the last 2 bunnies fused, maybe in the morning. I did get the rest of the carrot tops applique’d and I only like doing 1 block and 1 1/2 carrots on another block. So all in all I did have a pretty productive day.

Last night I decided I would stitch the travel trailer first so I could practice making pretty stitches. I do not like EZ Washout Cloth Markers. I will be visiting Hobby Lobby to see if they have a water eraser pen. The cloth markers are so light I have to go over it several times before I can see the line and my fabric kept moving. I couldn’t see the blue pencil marks no matter how many times I went over the line. I have a disappearing ink pen but I was afraid it might disappear before I got it stitched. This is all I have accomplished.

Have a great weekend!

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Peg at Happy In Quilting very kindly gave me all the info for the stitcheries which are a BOM at Capricorn Quilts and Peg caught me up on the past BOM. WOOHOO I’m so excited to get started on these. I think I have everything to get started and I will start tracing after dinner.

  1. unbleached muslin
  2. hoop
  3. large case of embroidery floss
  4. new package of needles
  5. EZ quilting pencils

Yep, I’m ready. Before Peg had surprised me with all the patterns from months I had missed, I did a little searching and found this stitchery at Bobby Socks Quilts to do for a friend.

Hoping to get the last 2 bunnies fused in the morning. I’m trying to not use the iron when Nikolas is awake as he is a very curious little boy and I would feel terrible if he got burned.

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