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The other day Hubbykins requested “country food.” Well, I fixed him right up. Fried chicken, potatoe salad and fresh corn. Oh my it was so good I just had to make everyone’s mouth water. 😀 No I don’t normally do the cooking and tomorrow Hubbykins has already said we were having hot dogs.

Happy quilting!


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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 25 in 2009). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the civil war), it was expanded after World War I to include American casualties of any war or military action.

Some Americans view Memorial Day as the unofficial beginning of summer and Labor Day as the unofficial end of the season (with the 4th of July as the very hot middle). In the Northern United States, it is the traditional weekend in which people reopen pools that had been covered for the winter.

In addition to national observances, many individual communities hold memorial observance for fallen soldiers who were from that town by having a ceremony in a church or town memorial park. It is common for fire and police departments to remember and honor members lost in the line of duty. Towns often hold a Memorial Day parade in honor of such residents.

The Vietnam traveling wall is at Ft. Campbell this weekend and we hope to get to see the wall. I hope each of you enjoy your holiday.

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I made these Oreo Mint cupcakes because everyone loves cupcakes. According to Nikolas you have to take the cookie off the top of the cupcake first and eat that. Then one of your parents must remove the paper cup from the cupcake, tear in half and then eat. 😉 He ate everyone like that. Head on over to Megan’s Munchies for great easy recipes.

I also made the Banana Toffee cupcakes but they went so fast I didn’t get a photo.

Happy baking!

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Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spolight is on Friday this week. 😉

My daughter Lacy has started testing products that would be of interest to women. A lot of the products that she test are for toddlers and babies. Check out Mommy Talks. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Betsy sent me tons of magazines. I’ve started looking through them. I’m amazed at the beautiful quilts that designers continue to design. If you are a designer, thank you.  Betsy, even sent me crochet magazines.  I am really enjoying looking at all the magazines and planning on the future quilts I will be making.

Happy quilting!

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Betsy box

I got another Betsy box today and it bursting at the seams with goodies.  Pearle cotton  12 fat quarters. I’ll show you in another post a pattern I found in a magazine that Betsy sent what these will become.  An adorable tea towel.

There’s more and I will show that later.

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Quilts and more

DH and I moved the last week of March. We are in a 1 bedrm apt and it is fine except there isn’t a dining area. What people that live in 1 bedrm apts don’t eat? 😉 We will eat off TV trays in front of the TV, something we have NEVER done. lol Unfortunately, I had to unpack boxes before I got to start hanging my quilts. Quilt location was decided by size and space on wall.

Living room   By front door  Another wall  By the front door Yes, I see I the butterfly is crooked, I straightened it. 😉

Bedroom  Behind bed. Jon is going to hang photos of the boys in the blank space.  Door leads to closet  Same wall as closet  Cathedral Window hangs next to the window The wall above my sewing machine is blank also. I don’t know what I will hang there.

Lacy and I did some trading. Lacy had always wanted my little quilt Chicks With an Attitude so I traded it for this. Great swap, uh?

So I’m sewing some things and selling them so I will do my work sewing in the mornings and then in the afternoon I think I will start quilting my Farmer’s Market, which will go to Lacy. Somehow that girl claims every quilt I make! Can we say spoiled? 😉  I haven’t decided on a backing yet nor have I decided on a border. I think I better start thinking.

After I finish Farmer’s Market, I need to get busy quilting Jon’s Ribbit quilt.  Jon was a HUGE help to us when we were moving that week. Plus, Jon will be deploying to Afghanistan within the next 120 days. 😦 Of course, when you are in the military you know this can happen, however, they need to send some that have the same years of service as Jon that hasn’t been. I did offer to write a note to the Command Sgt Major excusing Jon from the deployment, Jon didn’t think it would work. 😉

So one of the things I have been making is reuseable nursing pads.  I can’t make them fast enough. The nursing Moms’ are gaga over these.  Several of the Moms’ have requested that I make some bibs so I am doing that also.  I call this a peepers bib. lol Isn’t my model too cute for words? 😉

Note:  Jon’s Col. called a briefing today and said they should be deploying in June but this is the Army and it could be as late Dec. Jon’s quilt has been pushed in front of the Farmer’s Market.

Happy quilting!

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Shoes with quilts

Did you know you can now get your quilt’s picture put on your shoes? Who would have thought?  Want to know more about shoes with quits? Jump over to DreamWeaver Quilts and get all the details.

Happy quilting!

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Tutorial: Easy Pillow Case With Contrasting Hem

I found this quick and easy way to make a pillow case over at Lazy Girl blog.  Lazy Girl has some great FREE tutorials. I’ve made some of their bags and they really are easy.

Have you started thinking of all the pillow cases you can make? Have fun!

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