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Capricorn Quilts BOM

There is a new block up at Capricorn Quilts, for those of you doing that BOM.

I didn’t get any quilting done today. I hope to get in some quilting time today on the Zoo Animals in between making a peach cobbler, 2 chess pies, fudge and the prep work for Christmas dinner.


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Wonderful Wednesday

Sunflowers Forever back- I thought I would add some interest to the back by changing the thread in the bobbin.
Sunflowers Forever Front – I’m sure somewhere there is a pink sunflower.
Dolly Madison Star – block #1 of Pretty ‘n’ Pink
Flying Geese – appliqued block #2 of Pretty’n’ Pink

Farmer’s Market – Spring Seedlings April BOM

Happy quilting!!

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I thought some peppers would be a nice touch with the eggplant and squash.
Re-did my layout as I had an extra border right in the middle. This quilt is going to be too cute. Only 4 blocks to go. WOOHOO!!!!!

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My new machine didn’t get here Friday until after 3 pm, I was pacing the floor. The UPS man offered to put it in the room I wanted it in. I thought that was very nice considering they are so busy they usually kinda throw the box at you and run. I’ve sewn on it some, not nearly as much as I would like but I’ll do that today.

I want to finish quilting Waiting on St. Nick today. I would have finished it Thursday but I ran out of the thread I was using in the bobbin. Worked on my Farmer’s Market BOM yesterday, I still have a tiny bit to do before I can show it.
Mon – put binding on 2 baby quilts, Dolly Madison Star
Tues – cut fabric for My Friend, Mary Lou, finish Farmer’s Market BOM, finish Waiting on St. Nick
Wed – Artful Hands (work on My Friend, Mary Lou)
Thurs – continue working on My Friend, Mary Lou
Fri – tea towels using the Be Attitude book

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will finish all of my goals as I have a full week of real life things to do. Hope everyone has a great week!

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All caught up

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Busy me

This is a busy week for me as I am getting ready to go to KY to see my kids. However, I am trying to squeeze in some sewing.

Make lining for red yo-yo bag, I’m thinking hearts.
Finish Nikolas’s pillowcase with his name on it.
Feb. Strolling the Block

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Happy Monday

Goals for last week (not good)
1. Quilt Ducky quilt. Done
2. Clean machine Done
3. Find more blocks for Christmas quilt
4. Start blanket stitching Christmas quilt
5. Print templates at Quilter’s Home Done

I guess you can’t have everything. Yesterday I did get the ribbons off the ribbon purse and soon it will have a new name and a new look using yoyo’s and ribbon. I’m still plugging along on the cookie monster bag. It will be finished before Nikolas gets here, not that I think he will care.

For the next 2 wks I won’t get much quilting/sewing done as my kids will be here from KY. I can hardly wait.

Goals for this week
1. Finish cookie monster bag
2. Finish bag
3. Take pic of Dec Strolling the Block
4. Do Jan Strolling the Block

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Strolling the Block

Started Dec.’s block yesterday. What fun! I’m actually doing appli-quilt and will join the blocks together using the Divide and Conquer method. Strolling the Block is a free BOM found on the HGTV website. Since it is an old BOM, I printed out all of the patterns and will work on as I want. I’m anxious to see what the BOM for 2008 will be. I’m crossing my fingers it will be applique’.

Pat Sloan is re-doing her free pattern section on her website and some or maybe all of the current free patterns will be going away. Pat’s patterns are so fun and easy to do. I have made the Where is your Shoes and Socks?, Remember…it’s 5 o’clock Somewhere and am currently making the Farmer’s Market. Pat has several other free patterns that I haven’t had a chance to do.

Happy quilting!!

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Pink tote, new projects,

Thursday – I added yo-yo’s to the pink bag I had made for DH’s co-worker. Too cute! Instead of using buttons in the centers of the yo-yo’s I used beads.

Friday – I couldn’t get interested in any of the projects that I had listed on the goal list, so I started a new project. hehe I started a Christmas quilt. About a year ago someone gave me several packages of Christmas-y pre-cuts for sweatshirts. I didn’t want to embellish sweatshirts. So I laid out the pre-cuts on the fabric, cut block to accommodate the cut-out presto, cute blocks. I need to come up with a few more blocks to even things out so I will pick up a coloring book while I’m out this weekend. Fusing lame’ took a little trial and error but all was salvaged. I also need to come up with a name for the quilt. No I don’t think this quilt will be finished this year but that’s ok also.

Saturday – While poking around on the HGTV website I found the cutest BOM from 2002. So I printed out all the patterns and will add this project to my want to do list. I know I won’t be starting the Strolling the Block quilt until I’m finished quilting the Ducky quilt.

To accomplish something else on my list of goals for last week, I practiced paper piecing. I love the crisp points on paper piecing but I don’t think I will ever enjoy it the way I do applique’.
I also fused a cookie monster on a tote for Nikolas. On the other side I put his name. I still need to blanket stitch around the letters and back stitch Cookie Monster’s fingers. Also picked up some tan felt and dk. brown felt to make chocolate chip cookies for Nikolas’s tote.

1. Quilt Ducky quilt.
2. Clean machine
3. Find more blocks for Christmas quilt
4. Start blanket stitching Christmas quilt
5. Print templates at Quilter’s Home

Have a great quilt-y week!!

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