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25th Annual Quilt Show & Contest

When: April 22-25, 2009

Where: Paducah Expo Center/Executive Inn

Who is going? *raises hand*, Lacy and Greg are going with me. We will only be going 1 day so we will have to plan carefully what day we go.

See you there!


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Terrific Tuesday

What a great day! However, first things first. For all of you doing the BOM from Capricorn Quilts, the new blocks are up.

I went to the crochet group today that I had been invited to. There was 8 there today including me, 3 were men but only 1 knitted/crocheted. The other 2 men only come to the group for the conversations. The man that crocheted/knitted is a pro plus he spins and weaves. I had a blast with these people. Sandee told me to bring my knitting needles and she would teach me to knit. YAY! So next week I have lesson 1 and I’m making dishcloths. Can’t have too many dishcloths. 😉

Now all of the ladies are also quilters. They have been driving to Nashvile to quilt with a group, said they hadn’t been able to find a place local to quilt. Well, big mouth aka Cindy said “Have you asked Ron if you could use a room at his church?” Ron is one of the men that come for the conversation. Sandee and Ron at the same time said, “We never thought of that.” So they are going to work out the details and we are going to start a local quilt group. I was not looking forward to going to Nashville once a month to quilt as it was hand projects only. Sandee teaches quilt classes. You should see the gorgeous quilted coats she wears. I got lots done today and they all had a good laugh at my yarn holder.  Yep, I dropped that Folgers can down between my feet right there in Starbucks. I worked on the shawl for my friend and I have 3 1/2 squares done.  I’m thinking I will put a prettier border on this one than I did for Mother’s. I’m remembering more about crocheting the more I do it.

I have about another hour of quilting on the Tinsel Time and then I will hand it over to the short person in the house.

Happy stitching!

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Thank you, Mr. President (not political)

Living on a military post has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are far less than the advantages IMO. The only downfall I can come up with is you are subject to random vehicle searches as you enter post. Well, granted that shouldn’t be a problem except when you have a tired screaming toddler in the backseat, it is  110 degrees and the groceries are in the back seat with said screaming tired toddler. Those guards finish their search very fast under those conditions. The advantages that come to mind are: you have to show your ID every time you enter post, the MPs roll by every 10 minutes, crime rate is almost non-existant, no loud noise after 10 pm. And my all time favorite, at midnight last night they locked down post, can’t get on and ya can’t get off. Why? Because President Bush is giving a speech and will be on post approximately 1 hr. Thank you, Mr. President!president_bush1

Have you figured out why I’m thanking the President? I CAN’T GO TO WORK AND I HAVE TO STAY HOME AND SEW. *insert me dancing here* I think I will just take the rest of the week off.

Sew let me see, what shall I sew. Start a new quilt using the fabric Betsy sent? Quilt the Zoo Animals for Greg. Work on my Pretty ‘n’ Pink. Decisions decisions.

Happy quilting!

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The list continues to grow but I’m having loads of fun. While at the LQS I purchased the book Sleepy Acres by Amy Bradley Designs. I haven’t started this quilt and I won’t for a while, I must finish Jon’s before I start another quilt for Nikolas.

I also purchased a circular sewing attachment. Dee Ann gave me a quick demo and I can’t wait to quilt something using this attachment.

The attachment didn’t cost quite as much as a walking foot and I’m hoping it will add some quilting interest to my quilts, since I seem to be freemotion quilting challeneged.

I also joined a challenge on a machine applique’ group I belong to and a swap all on the same day. lol I’m looking forward to both.

The group owner kept reading about all the quilts being made and give to others so she challenged us to make something for ourself. The rules were simple, background must be birthstone color, no bigger than a fat qtr, must have birth month flower on it and be finished by June 30, ’08. I purchased Batiks. Do you know how hard it is to cut Batiks? My birthstone is blue sapphire and the flower is an Aster. When I saw the flower I started to worry. lol After finding a coloring page of an Aster, I took it to Staples and had it blown up and while I was tracing the flower on fusible I figured out how to make the flower without it taking me years.

Miniature Booty Swap
1. 100% quality cotton – prewash is recommended
2. No larger than 20″ x 20″ — 51 cm x 51 cm
3. Completely finished, quilted, binding and label with month/year/name

After signing up for this swap, I grabbed my little quilts book and started drooling. I can’t wait to get the details of my person so I can get started. This quilt must be finished and in the mail by May 31st.

Recap from last week
Waiting on St. Nick – sew buttons on done
Sweet Baby Jane – layer, quilt done
Sunflowers Forever – applique’, layer, quilt
tea towel – finish started 2 more
Baby quilt # 2 – put binding on
My Friend,Mary Lou – appli-quilt done
Java Jive – wash fabric, iron

This week
tea towels – finish 2 that are started, prep 2 more
Ribbit – trace frogs, fuse, applique’
Birth – applique’ aster, embroder words, quilt
Booty swap – find pattern, purchase fabrics (if needed)

Hope everyone has a quilty week!

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Artful Hands, Part II

Went to the quilt group for the second time. These are some of the nicest talented ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of quilting with.

Yesterday I took my wallhanging My Friend, Mary Lou to work on. I got the dog and the leaves blanket stitched. Today I finished appli-quilting the rest of the wall hanging and started doing the filler quilting. I can’t wait to get it finished and on the wall.

I’m trying to come up with a pattern for a quilt for Jon. I’m thinking frogs but I’m open for suggestions.

Happy quilting!

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I’m very pleased with the quilt-y things I accomplished yesterday. I got the buttons on Waiting on St. Nick, finished the tea towel, layered and basted Sweet Baby Jane and layered and basted Sunflowers Forever. I will be happy if I get 1/4 of Sweet Baby Jane quilted today. No way am I going to try to quilt all of it in one day. I don’t even know how I’m going to quilt it nor do I know if my walking foot will fit my new machine.

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Artfull Hands gathering

WOOHOO!! What a fun day! Everybody worked on their own thing but helped each other when needed. They helped me cut my fabric for my Dolly Madison Star and I appli-quilted the Waiting on the St. Nick quilt. The lady sitting at the table in front of me is making a red, black and white Diva quilt. Too cute!Lunch was wonderful. Fruit trays, quesdias (sp), guacomole, chips, salsa and bread pudding. I’m sure I gained 10 lbs.

While I was at the quilt shop I purchased things to keep me busy for a few days, I mean weeks. 😉
Tea towels to applique’ on. The towels are on the backing I purchased for the Sweet Baby Jane quilt
Be Attitude book, I’m going to use these patterns for applique’ on the tea towels. I may be adding this quilt to the list of quilts to make.
I will use these purple and green fat qtrs for eggplant and zucchini for the March Farmer’s Market. Yellow will be the background.
Lacy has 2 friends having a baby this month and one is tomorrow. So I purchased these panels, the bottom part is the backing. Cute, fast and cheating. 😛

Happy quilting!

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