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Mini Booty Swap arrival

My swap package arrived yesterday filled with goodies from Kate in Australia.

The tea towel is just lovely with the tiny embroidery stitches and the mini quilt speaks for it self, beautiful. I just love the cherries. I also got a little quilt hanger. Plus 2 chocolate bars and no matter where the chocolate is from, little boys knows what chocolate is. This is the only picture of the chocolate. ūüėČ

Thank you so much, Kate.

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Only 1 more

Only 1 more post about the kitchen mini swap after this one where I will show the towel and mini quilt are revealed. I quilted the mini quilt¬†Wednesday¬†morning, it didn’t start off to well but ended very well. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my free motion quilting to look right, so I cross hatched. Here is the sneak peek. ¬†I’m excited to get my kitchen theme goodies.

Happy quilting!

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Plan or goal, is there a difference?


noun, verb, planned, plan‚čÖning.


3. a specific project or definite purpose: plans for the future.


1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

I think I will go with the definition of goal. ūüėČ Anywho, this is what I intend to do. I want to make some holiday themed mini’s. I will be using the Hearfelt Holidays book by Art To Heart. Maybe if I’m lucky and stay on track I will find some other mini’s for some other holiday’s.

This is a list of the things I intend to make.  All projects are wall hangings unless otherwise noted.

St. Patrick’s Day               3/17  2/28

Egg Patch                        4/12    3/31

Spring                              4/13    4/12

Mother’s Day                  5/10     4/30

Halloween                      10/31     9/30

Christmas                       12/25   11/30

Christmas Table Runner

Christmas Place Mat


I would like to finish my WIPs from 2008 but if I don’t I’m not going to sweat it. Maybe just maybe this will be the year that I quilt my I Believe but then again it has been finished since 2005, why would I want to change it now. ūüėÄ


Happy quilting!




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