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Kids are nosey

I sent Lacy out to the freezer early Monday morning to get something out for supper. She was gone so long I was getting ready to go check on her when she came back in. Lacy had this piece of fabric in her hand when she came in the door.  No, it wasn’t in the freezer, she had been rumaging in a bin of fabric. Lacy wanted me to use it on the back of the Zoo Animal quilt. So I go busy quilting Zoo Animals yesterday and I would have finished but I made a boo-boo and had to reverse stitch half of the quilt.

Lacy’s dr got her in for an ultrasound this morning at 10 am. So by 11 we should know if the baby is Greg or Kimberly.


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It grew and grew and grew

I really didn’t want the Zoo Animal quilt to be huge but it will be a quilt that Greg can use for a few years. Finished size is 35″ x 58″. I really like the finished top and the parents like it also. So tomorrow I will layer, baste and start quilting. The basting part isn’t fun but certainly needed. My plan is to outline quilt around each animal and then in the ditch. In the yellow border I will quilt Greg’s name. I’m not sure what I will do in the multicolor border, I think I have time to decide.


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After doing 4 rows of the half double crochet I didn’t like the feel and I switched to double crochet, much better. I’m hoping to have this scraf finished by next winter. 😉

The pastel borders are gone from the Zoo Animal quilt and I’ve been making a brighter border that I will sew together and then onto the quilt today.  From this to this  I just hope I have made enough and don’t have to make more. Hopefully by this evening the borders will be on the quilt.

I’m so goofy. I mis-read the guideline for the Mini Booty Holiday Swap, I thought I had to mail by Nov. 1st but in I don’t have to mail until Dec. 1st. YIPPEE!! I will have it mailed way before then and I sew needed the extra time.

Have a great day!

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I may not know how to knit but I can crochet and while at Wally World the other day ended up in front of the yarn. Yarn has came a long way. Of course, I found some I had to have. Good grief I had to pick a yarn that is hard to work with. Anywho!! I will make a simple scarf using half double crochet stitch and I should be back in the hang of things. I picked up the magazine Interweave Crochet and inside I find a shawl I must have, not in those colors but still I must have it. Oh yeah, back to the scarf the thread is very pretty. I haven’t decided how it will look with my red coat but still I’m getting the feel of crochet again. Unfortunately the small flicks of color in the navy does not show. 😦

P.S. Greg’s dad did not like the pastel borders so they are coming off. Last night I cut strips of all the fabrics that I used for the background of the blocks and the sashings and I will make a border. Said strips will be cut into small blocks. I will show you as I didn’t describe that very well at all.

Have a great Friday!!

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Last 2 blocks

WOOHOO!! I finished the last two blocks for the Zoo Animals quilt. Tomorrow I will piece the blocks together and the quilting will begin. The pattern showed the aligator with only one eye, I think his head looks more turned than mine. I will probably add another eye so he doesn’t look deformed or un-finished. 😉   While digging through my stash for the perfect fabric for the above critters I found the left over fabric from this pillowcaseand I’m thinking about using it for the sashing. What do you think?

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

22 days and counting

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24 days and counting

Someone asked me why I only had 25 days? Well, my deadline to have these 3 quilts finished is Nov. 1st, one has to be mailed and the other 2 are for the baby shower. The zoo animal quilt is not only a gift for the baby shower but is one of the decorations. Sew I must stay busy to meet my deadlines.

Today I got the hippo and the zebra done.  and the layout  I didn’t get the alligator and the bird fused today, in fact, I haven’t even got them traced so I guess I better get busy doing that right now.

Happy quilting!

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Shnoodle is a blog by Lindsay Jean. Lindsay lives in  Lacey, Washington, United States and is a quilter, fiction junkie, film geek, and avid navel-gazer. Lindsay is attempting to sew, photograph, and post a block for each day of her Quilt Block-A-Day calendar for 2008.. The blocks are fantastic with her fabric choice. Be sure you read her FAQ.

Today I prepped 2 more blocks for the Zoo Animal quilt, the hippo and the zebra. Pictures tomorrow. Tomorrow will be an alligator and a bird, I hope.

I have 25 days to quilt 3 quilts, 2 are 45″ x 45″ and the 3rd is nearly that size. 😦

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Still sewing

I have been doing some sewing just not blogging about it. I intend to do better starting right now. I made some more bibs for Lacy’s friend who had a girl. They are so fun to make. Of course, I choose non-baby fabric, I can’t help myself. 😀   

The mini quilt for the Mini Booty Holiday Swap is appliqued. No pictures for awhile as I don’t want to give it away who my partner is. I will start quilting it when I’m finished with Greg’s Zoo Animal quilt. Both of this quilts have a deadline of 11/1. I’m going to be chugging along like Thomas the Train. “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.” 😀

   The next 2 blocks will be on orange backgrounds and they are a hippo and a zebra. As you can see the blocks are different sizes and I haven’t decided about the sashing, I’ll figure it out.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week stitching what you love!

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Unless I can get creative with hints this might be the last hint on the Booty Swap for a while.  hmmmm, does look like much of anything, does it? 😉 Trust me it is just what my partner described.

I got the poor little girraffe’s ears fixed, he looks much better.  I have the pieces traced for the lion and he is on my schedule for tomorrow. I’m nearly finished applique’ing the little quilt for the Booty Swap, so I hope to finish that tomorrow so I can get it layered and basted, not the fun part of quilting but it has to be done.

Happy quilting!

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I had a good sewing day with no injuries. 😉 Well, I guess I did injure some fat quarters but it was done with love.  I got the giraffe done and he is a cutie potootie. 😀 Well I thought I had the giraffe done, seem as though I didn’t add the details to his horns and ears. Poor baby! I’ll fix that when I’m done with this entry.

I did go through some pattern books looking for a pattern for the Holiday Booty Swap. I finally decided on a Pat Sloan pattern. Hope my swap pattern is a Pat fan. Got the backing pieced together for that, traced, cut and fused the applique’ pieces. Here is the first pic  That’s all you can see for the time being.

Have a great Monday!

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